10+ Ideas for Family Reunion Decorations

Family reunion party is a great event to get out of buy routines and come close to each other. Whenever this event is organized, it gives new memories to all family members as well as all family members get a chance to know more about each other. Lots of games are played that are not only fun making but also a source of learning for new generation. As it is time to celebrate unique moments shared with your aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers and siblings so try to make this event special. Try to decorate the party venue like other parties. All decorations should depict the purpose and theme of family reunion party. You can keep the decorations simple but creative and fun making. Here are some ideas that will make the decoration task easier for you.

  • Take a chart or a cardboard to make a family tree first of all because whatever the theme you select, this decoration item is must to make the environment fit for party.  You can decide size of tree as you wish but standard recommended size for a family tree is 6 feet in height and number of branches can be of any number and size. Make some spare branches and leaves to play different games in the party.  Well including pictures in place of fruits can be more worthy. Provide a leaf and a pen to all guests and ask them to write their details on the leaf and then paste the leaf on the wall. Information that must be written on the leaf may include name, date of birth, father name, mother name, age and something additional like favorite game, favorite activity, favorite fruit etc.
  • Make a banner of family reunion and hang this banner at the entrance of the party venue. You can decorate the banner with some slogan or a message under the party name in bold letters and bright colors.
  • Now come to decorate party venue from inside. Spread balloons and steamers in the party hall. You can make different decorations with the balloons and ribbons on the entrance or around the family tree. An idea to do with balloons is to hang bunches of balloons on both sides of the banner.
  • Don’t forget to use photographs in making decorations for family reunion party. You may collect fun making pictures of all family members well before time to use in venue decorations. Spare a wall for pasting pictures on a soft board. When guests will look at the pictures, a purpose of arranging family reunion will be achieved that is to look back into past and have smile on their faces.
  • Arrange beautiful centerpieces for the tables. You can use artificial flower baskets or fruit baskets as centerpieces.
  • Another idea to decorate party venue is to use fresh flowers. You can use white daises, roses and carnations for floral decorations.
  • Don’t forget to use pictures of previous reunions held at your home or at others’.

See Pictures of Family Reunion Decorations Here

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Outdoor & Indoor Family Reunion Decorations

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Garden party table

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Family Reunion Table Decorations

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These were some decoration ideas that will make your party venue look simple but well decorated.