Class Reunion Party Ideas

No one can forget fun time spent in school and college life. Many times it happens that a person who has achieved high position in professional life when sits alone, smiles by remembering fun moments he had in his school life. How would he be happy if he is invited to a class reunion party and live same fun moments again with same friends? Certainly it would be a great opportunity for each person. Anyone can arrange a class reunion party for him and others.

How you can organize a great class reunion party is question that should be answered now. So we have gathered some ideas to plan a class reunion party for you that are shared below. You can confidently think to plan a class reunion party and use our ideas to make your party a success. Follow the ideas shared below:

Theme Selection

First of all select a theme for your class reunion party. You will get different themes option like graduation themed party, then and now themed party, retro party theme, simple party etc. Rest of arrangements will be made according to selected party theme.

Send Invitation

Once you have selected party theme, your first should be designing class reunion party invitations. Provide detailed information about party like when, where, by whom etc. Don’t forget to mention party theme or dress code to enjoy perfect themed party. You can design party invitation yourself or buy readymade invitations from any stationary store near you.


Planning this task before time is necessary but actually this thing will be done on party day. You will decorate party venue according to the selected theme. If you have planned to organize a party without any specific theme then you are free to be creative and have fun. Balloons, banners, posters, flowers, pictures etc for decorations.

Class Reunion Games

You can plan different fun making games for your class reunion party like mimicking teachers, worst wooer, slam book game, class skits, singing competition, musical chairs, truth or dare, spin the bottle, spot the photo, playing now and then game with pictures etc. You can ask guests to share ideas for playing games and have fun.

Class Reunion Awards

It is very interesting and fun making activity. You may plan different awards for guests and distribute these fun making awards at the end of the party. Some class reunion party awards ideas are:

  • Most aged award
  • Most bear headed award
  • Most Kids Award
  • Most Dangerous Job Award
  • Highest Number of Degrees Award


No party is complete without music and entertainment so you are advised not to forget to arrange best music system and assign a person to act as DJ to play the music during party. Welcome anyone to ask DJ to play a song to dedicate to their friends. A person should be there with a microphone who will make announcements for guests. Arrange different class song CDs.


Photographs are the best elements to be considered while planning any reunion party. You can get pictures of all guests from your school and play different games with the photographs. Also call a photographer who will make photos of guests in the party. You may charge some extra money for each picture from guests and the extra money can be used to meet expenses made on arrangement of reunion party or this money may also be given to the school as donation from old students.

These were some ideas to plan a class reunion party.