8+ Bachelorette Party Games

A bachelorette party is actually a blend of three main elements that are alcohol, decorations and fun making games. When you think to throw a bachelorette party, make sure to invite real fun loving people. You should plan what games to play well in advance and make arrangements for accessories required to play games. Here you are provided with information about fun making bachelorette games with little description about each. Read the post and enjoy your party with any of these games:

Balloon Pass

This game is a great fun making game. Usually this game is best if you are enjoying a party at someone’s home because it is pass on race. Make different teams and start the game. Sandwich one long balloon between legs of the person who is going to start the game from each team. The balloon will be passed to each member of team without any hands being used for transferring the game. The quickest team who will pass the game first of all without bursting the balloon will be winner of the game.

Banned Words

This game is great to make the bachelorette party a fun making party whether the party is at home or at some outdoor place. Playing this game is very simple and is just a simple list of most commonly used words that relate to wedding or couple that cannot be used during the party. For instance you can include these words in your list like bride, wedding, groom etc. If some guest is caught using these words that is banned to use during party, he/she will have to do the dare, take a drink or pay for some penalty. Try to choose creative and naught punishment.

Fit the Condom

This game really fits the reason of the party and is really very naughty. In this game the prize will be given to the winner who wins to unwrap and fit the condom on zucchini, cucumber or a banana. This game is pretty straightforward so you will not need to explain rules of game to all players. The only rule to play this game is to do the given task with their hands behind their back or with tied eyes.

I Never

This game is related to drinks as many people in your party will say that “I Never….” to explain that they have never drunk before it.  If some guest says the words like this, he will have to drink. This game sounds so simple but when the game goes on, it becomes more interesting and lots of things come on the scene that you will remember forever. This is what will make your party interesting. Make sure to arrange lots of drink before the party to have fun.

Pin the Tail on the Model

To play this game, each guest is blind folded and taken to the vicinity. A tail will be attached to the picture. The person who ends up with the targeted area will win the prize. Picture of a handsome model will be taken to fix the tail and instead of tail, tail like body part of male model will be attached to the picture of naked model. Can you guess what it would be?????

Fun with Penises

This would be a matter of great fun to play with penises in your bachelorette party so you can spread penis like balloons of different sizes on the floor and play different games with these balloons.

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