Halloween Party Themes

No party can be actual fun if it is planned without a special theme especially a Halloween party so make sure to select a ghoulish theme. Selecting best theme will make your party much more interesting and fun making. Think party theme as a heart of your party whether you plan your party at your home or some other place, try to go with some inimitable themes if you really want to double the fun of your party. You need to consider different facts while deciding theme for a party like potential, types, time frame, features, effects etc. Throwing a themed party mean all your arrangements like invitations, decorations, menu, costumes for the party and games will match the selected theme. Keeping all these facts in mind, we have gathered some ideas for Halloween party themes. You may study this post and get unique ideas for throwing a well themed Halloween party.

Batman’s Cave Theme

Always think Halloween event as a best time to have fun with friends and relatives so make all arrangements for Halloween party in advance. Start from deciding Halloween party theme. This first time I will suggest you to enjoy the Halloween holiday is the Batman’s cave theme. This theme in your party will make the fun quotient more than double.


Another idea is to try zombie theme and really run with it. Arrange a video projector with classic zombie movies. Ask all your guests to dress up as Hollywood icon that had passed away. Arrange some snacks for guest while watching movies. Use your creative mind what should be menu with the zombies Halloween party theme.

Beauty and the Beast

Don’t think that all Halloween parties will be complete it they are dark and ghoulish. Try some innovations with Halloween party to enjoy this event in nice way that will give chance of having fun in somewhat different style to you and all your guests. Keeping the party theme light and bright for all young hearts in the party will be great.

Cinderella Party Theme

If you don’t like horror or scary environment then Cinderella party theme will work best for your party.  You can mix up this cute theme with fairytale themes especially if you are planning Halloween party for kids. Try this theme to make your little guests feel being princess and cutest people. It will also make them all feel being loved and cared for.

Dracula and Vampire

Dracula theme will best match to the concept of Halloween event. Dracula and Vampires are symbols of horror and are main characters of scary movies and scary stories. You can plan your Halloween party with this scary theme also. For this keep a dark room spare with a video screen and CDs of Dracula or Vampire movies with dimmer lights in room. After the guests have some fun, call them in that dark room and enjoy the movie. To create scarier environment, you may buy two or three Vampire costumes and make two or three guests wear those costumes. Once all guests get involved in the scary movie, put the lights off and enjoy the fun by shouting and scary faces of guests. It’s all about fun and your creativity that you will use in making the party scarier and funny. Spend enough time in planning how you can give horror touch to the party.

Harry Porter at Hogwarts

Lots of young people are crazy for Harry Porter so why don’t you make your guests enjoy them in Harry Porter theme. This party theme can be tried for entertaining guests of all ages. Children are especially going to love your party with this theme. You need to make some efforts for this theme to make it look like real. Start from sending invitations and plan all other arrangements according to Harry Porter theme. You can better depict Harry Porter character in your party if you watch latest movies of Harry Porter to have idea about magic of the characters.

Witches, Ghosts and Wizards Brewery

Witches, ghosts and wizards will give a magical touch to your Halloween party. You need to plan everything according to this theme from invitation to all decorations and menu also. Not only kids will love this theme but adult guests will also enjoy.