Halloween Party Games

Halloween holiday is time to have fun by playing games and enjoying parties. As you know this site is working for you to provide you with best ideas to make your parties enjoyable so this post will make your Halloween party enjoyable. This post contains best Halloween party games ideas.

Play Musical Pumpkins

This game is played with same concept as that of musical chairs. Ask the guests to sit in a circle and take small sized pumpkins one less in number of guests to play this game. A music system must be there where you will assign a guest to work with that. Play the music and start passing the pumpkins from one guest to the other. When the music is off, you will stop passing the pumpkins. Guest without the pumpkin will be out of the game. Put one pumpkin also out of the game and start playing the game again. Carry on the game until two guests and one pumpkin are left. Play the music and pass the pumpkin from one player to the other. The last player with pumpkin will be the winner of the game.

Apple Bobbing

This game can make your guests have peak of enjoyment with no limit of age. Take a tub filled with water. Now fill the tub with apples. Give turn to every guest and see that how may apples they can remove in one minute using their mouths only having their hands tied on their back. A person who removes most apples will be the winner of the game.

Make Fun in Guessing Candy-corn in Jar

Take lots of candy corns and fill a jar with these candy corns and then decorate the candy jar with Halloween theme. Ask the guests to make guesses that how many candies are there in the jar. Guest will closest number will be the winner of the game. You may give the candy jar to the winner of the game.

Playing Mummy Wrap Game

Bring some rolls of toilet paper to play this game. Ask the guests to make teams of two two members where one member will be the mummy and the other one will play as wrapper. The wrapper will fully wrap the mummy using the toilet paper. The team who will finish the toilet paper roll will be the winner of the game. You may appreciate the winner team with clapping or arrange a prize for the winner.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey in Halloween Version

You can enjoy Pin the Tail on the Donkey on Halloween event also by changing version of this game according to Halloween event. You can try pinning the stem on the large sized pumpkin, pin the tail on the Halloween cat, pin the Wart on the Witch’s Nose, and pin the witch on the Broom etc. Arrange a prize for the winner of the game.

Halloween Treasure Hunting Game

This game will add lots of excitement to your Halloween party. For this game, hide a plastic pumpkin or other Halloween gifts treat boxes with goodies and prizes. To add more fun, you can hide plastic pumpkins with clues in them revealing the location of prizes or hidden treasure. Do this hiding activity one day before the Halloween party when you make decorations. Background music will add to the excitement of guests to play this game.

Halloween Haunted Treat Box

Take a box and cut a hole in its bottom. Size of hole should be large enough to reach in with your hand but not to see inside. Now decorate the box with Halloween theme. Fill the box with cold noodles. You can use olives for eyeballs, apricots for ears, cut-up hot dogs for fingers, banana peels and other slimy food that is available to you. You can place individually packaged treats in the box. You can have the kids guests to stick their hands in the box to get the treats in the box. Enjoy the reaction as they get to find the candies and other treats.

Enjoy Candy Toss Game

Plan some decorative Halloween bowls or cups and arrange them on the floor. Ask all guest kids to toss the candies in the bowls/cups. Children will win candies every time they successfully land in the bowls and cups.

Halloween Party Parade Game

You can play this game at the end of the party. Call all the guests in Halloween themes costumes and ask them to show their dresses in parade by performing on favorite Halloween tunes. To make this game more exciting for all guests, you can arrange a prize for the winner of the game in best dress.

No matter what game you choose for Halloween party, make sure to remember the goal on Halloween party that is to have a ghoulishly fun time.