9+ Baby Shower Party Ideas for Unknown Gender

Are you planning a baby shower party for your sister, colleague or friend? If yes then you should try your best to make this party memorable and exciting for the mother-to-be. Are you sure of gender of upcoming baby? If not then you will have to make all party arrangements in a way that all your arrangements may not be according to specific theme like pink for girls or blue for boys etc. If you still feel confused in planning baby shower for unknown gender then read our collection of baby shower party ideas for unknown gender. We hope that you will get best ideas to please the mother-to-be and all party guests. Read these ideas:

  • First of all you are advised to remember goal of a baby shower party because sometimes party planners do a mistake to plan this party solely for fun of guests and neglect the original goal of this party that is to shower the expecting mother with gifts and best wishes.
  • Select party theme for baby shower. You need to be very careful while selecting party theme if you are not sure of baby sex. Avoid using decoration materials that specify gender. You can use yellow, green and white color but avoid pink and blue. You may select a theme like moon and stars, beach, nursery rhymes, candy land etc. Use one theme to make all other arrangements like venue decoration, party invitation and party favors etc.
  • Don’t plan specified games like you can ask all guests to make their lists of babies’ names and ask them not to write specific gender names but neutral names, ask all guests for cutting ribbon that they think will fit mother’s belly etc.
  • Make a list of guests for the party and design baby shower party invitation. Again remember not to use pink or blue color in designing invitation. Make sure to give detailed information about party and don’t forget to mention that gifts should be for gender neutral.
  • Decorate the party venue according to selected theme. Design a banner to be hanged on walls or entrance of venue. You may write some rhyme on the banner or a congratulations note in bold and attractive font. Other decorations can be made using balloons and ribbons of different colors. Candles and lights can also add to elegance of venue. You may design a diaper cake of different colors to be place as centerpiece for the center table. Hanging cute dresses on walls can also be a good idea.
  • Select beautiful soft music to be played in background that may bring smile on faces of all guests. It would be a great choice to create a pious and calm environment instead of playing rocking music.
  • Select baby shower party favors according to selected theme of any color but not the pink or blue.
  • Menu for baby shower party when baby’s gender is not confirmed should be for neutral gender. Select a cake with toy topper like duck or a baby dress etc. Use yellow, white and green colors in cake decoration. Other menu items should be selected very carefully like don’t wholly go for spicy food or not the sweet as a whole so arrange both items.

View Some Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Party For Unknown Gender

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unknown gender baby shower party idea 5

unknown gender baby shower party idea 4

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Unique Unknown Gender Baby Shower Party Ideas

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It is hopped that you will like our ideas for planning a baby shower party when you are not sure of sex of upcoming baby. Good Luck!