7+ Baby Shower Gift Ideas

This website contains party ideas not for the hosts only but the guests can also get unique ideas for different parties like gift ideas, wish cards ideas etc. So this post is dedicated to guests of baby shower parties as we are going to share ideas for baby shower gifts. You may get confused what to buy as gift for the mother-to-be or upcoming child. Don’t you??? Surely your answer would be yes but relax. You don’t need to be confused any more as you are provided with lots of best baby shower gift ideas for parents-to-be and the upcoming child. So get assistance from the ideas shared below:

Baby Diapers

Disposable baby diapers, gift certificate for buying diapers, diaper service subscription, best brand baby powder, some best baby diaper rash cream, body massage baby oil, baby lotion, cotton swab, baby wipes, hair brush, baby shampoo that promises no tears, diaper pail, baby diaper storage unit

Tip: Make a packing containing few of these items that you like the most to give as gift for the upcoming baby.

baby shower gift ideas 8


Soft soft baby blanket, baby crib sheets of blue or pink color, best soft bumper pad set, bath towel of pink or blue color, wash cloths

Tip: If you go with this idea, color selection will be made according to baby’s gender.

baby shower gift ideas 1

Baby Clothing

Cute baby bight gown, hats for winter wear, sweater, winter outgear, cute baby outfits, sleepers, onesies, pajamas, baby socks, baby shorts, baby under garments, baby parka, baby laundry soap, baby summer hat

Tip: Make sure to buy soft cloths as babies are made for soft care. Color selection will depend on gender of baby. If you are not sure of sex of baby, you can buy in purple or white color. Light green will also work.

baby shower gift ideas 2

For Parents-to-be

Countdown clock, pregnancy guide book, gift certificate for shopping, pedicure appointment, spa package, movie tickets, baby sitting coupons, house cleaning gift certificate, wish cards, baby name book,

Tip: You can make two gift packages; one for the baby and the other one for the parents-to-be.

baby shower gift ideas 3


Baby diaper bag either pink or blue, night lights, baby car seat, baby car seat cover, car window shade, baby training cups, baby photo album, dishes, cups, spoons, baby name book, baby monitor, engraved baby spoons, saving bonds, baby bible, baby cart, toy organizer, baby growth chart, baby weight scale etc.

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