10+ Wedding Reception Party Ideas

After the wedding party, you will surely think about throwing a wedding reception party. Wedding reception party is thrown as an enthralling party for your well wishers. Usually people are invited who attended your wedding party but you can invite people who could not join you on your wedding day due to some reasons. Throwing a wedding reception party means to greet people and receive their best wishes and blessings for future life. This party provides opportunity to the newly wedded couple to mingle with all and have fun too. Traditionally this party is thrown by groom’s party however the wedded couple can plan this party by their own. We have also worked to join you in throwing a wedding reception party by sharing collection of wedding reception party ideas. These ideas will help you to plan a dazzling wedding reception party:

Venue Selection

Selection of party venue should be done at first because you have to mention the location in invitation and make ideas about other arrangements too. Select a location where your guests can reach easily and get enough space to enjoy and move around. The first option that usually works best is to arrange party in banquets. Other options can include clubs, marriage halls, restaurants etc depending on number of guests you are going to invite.

Sending Invitation

Sending invitations to guests is one of the key arrangements to be made before the party day. You can invite more people in wedding reception than your wedding party so you have to make a new guests list to send invitations and make rest of the arrangements. Include the information about the party in wedding reception party invitation like names of the wedded couple, party day and date, party time, location, theme and dress code if any.

Making Decorations

Make sure to decorate the party venue according to the selected reception party theme. If you are decorating wedding reception at the same place where you organized your wedding party then you can go with the same decorations by making little changes in the previous arrangements like changing chair and table covers, using fresh flowers of different colors to give new touch to whole environment. You can add balloons and different colors of lights to the decorations. Choosing a brand new theme for wedding reception party is still there an option for you.

Menu Selection

You can feel some relaxed as compared to wedding day while thinking of menu selection. You can surely plan fewer items in menu. It would be great to arrange a delicious dinner at the reception. No matter you arrange fewer items in lunch but make sure that you provide good selection of drinks. It will be good to work hard and soft drinks for your guests.


Having fun is the essential of planning a party so how is it possible that you skip the entertainment while planning a wedding reception party. Make sure to be creative while planning wedding reception party games and other activities. A wedding themed idea is to call a professional DJ, decorate dance floor and arrange a dance competition among all guests especially couples. Make wide and best collection of songs and music tunes to be played in background while the party is going on.

Party Favors

To make the end of the party memorable, you are suggested to arrange party favors for your guests. Giving party favors is the best way to say thanks to your party guests. You can arrange cufflinks, thank you cards, chocolate box, gift baskets, scents, photo frames, key chains, camera etc as party favors.

All Red Wedding Reception Party Theme

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Purple Wedding Reception Party Theme

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Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Reception Party Ideas

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