10+ Wedding Reception Party Favors

Wedding reception party favors are a token of thanks and gratitude from wedded couple that are given to the guests for their arrival at wedding reception. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming for the wedding couple to decide what favors to buy. You can buy best wedding reception party favors if you know your guests. Here we have made a collection of ideas to buy wedding reception party favors.

Wedding Favors for Nature Lovers

This wedding party favor option will be great for your guests who are nature lovers. You can give packets of seeds of flowers of the upcoming season. You can give herbal or other seasonal plants center pieces in well decorated pots with a ribbon knot on them. You select the ribbon of color of your wedding party them. Giving packets of seeds will also give a silent prayer from you to your guest that is to wish a new blessed life like a new plant of fresh seasonal flowers.

Quirky Party Favors

Another great option to buy wedding party favors is to go with quirky party favors. By going with this option, you can spread the luck by giving your guests a lottery ticket. Put lottery tickets on the tables of guests. Another quirky wedding party favor option that is very cheap also is to give old school favorite sweets to your guests to enjoy sweet treat from you.

Seasonal Party Favors

You can also think of seasonal party favors. So if you are going to get married in the middle of season, you can think to give wedding favors as a way to celebrate this time of season. A winter wedding couple can plan wedding party favors as candy canes, Christmas decoration supplies, a snow globe favors, Santa Claus hat, and advance wish to Christmas event by a card and so on. Further if you are going to get married in Easter season, you can give egg cups or personalized chocolate Easter eggs as wedding party favors. This will not only present your tribute to your guests but at the same time you would be able to wish time of season to your guests.

Personalized Favors

You may prepare personalized wedding party favors for your guests. Personalized party favors may include photo frames etc. You can give homemade party favors to give a personal touch. Traditional Jordan almonds will be really a versatile selection as a wedding party favor. To make it more personalized, design a box by yourself with a thank you note on the box. Another idea is to make CDs of personalized collection of songs for each guest.

Eatable Items

Eatable items can be best for giving party favors. You may send give chocolates, cookies or candies as party favors. Add different types of chocolates and candies for all guests. You can bake cookies by yourself in wedding cake shapes. Wrap these cookies or chocolates in cellophane and make a tip on them with a bow.

Edible Wedding Reception Party Favors

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Usable Wedding Reception Party Favors

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New Creative Ideas For Wedding Reception Party Favors

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