Valentine’s Day Party Favors

Valentine’s Day is the time to have party and get opportunities to express your love to your beloved one. Lots of lovers wait for this day to share their love because they get romantic environment all around. With time element of fun and excitement has also been added to this event so parties are thrown with opportunities to express love, play games, have fun and share gifts with each other. Prizes for valentine’s party games and party favors please all party guests. If you are planning a Valentine’s Day party, then you are suggested to think of party favors also because party favors can make your party complete whether you are planning a themed party or a simple party. Party favors are fantastic way to present gratitude to all guests for their coming and wishing them “Happy Valentine’s Day”. You should be very creative for deciding what to give as Valentine’s party favors to your guests.

What to give as Valentine’s party favors is a question that needs to be discussed now. You will get variety of options to buy party favors for Valentine’s party from market to make your party memorable one. We have spent some time in collecting ideas for Valentine’s Day party favors that will help you. You can get help from the Valentine’s Day party favors ideas shared below:

  • Love is feeling of heart so heart shaped party favors will work great. You can buy different heart-shaped things to be given as party favors like heart-shaped cookies, heart-shaped candies or chocolates, heart-shaped key chain, heart-shaped bottle of scent etc. It will express your silent love and care for your friends.
  • Letter pads or diaries with hearts printed on all pages will also be a good idea. You can personalize the gift by writing a Valentine’s Day wish on first page and give a pen also. Pen can be of red color to match theme of party.
  • Red heart-shaped candles will also work great. This is an economic party favor option that will not go beyond your budgetary limits. You can prepare your own heart-shaped candles with mixing glitter and beautiful scent in the wax.
  • Bake some heart-shaped cookies or fruitcakes at home or order at some bakery. Garnish cookies with colorful coconut in crushed form. It would be great to use white, red and green crushed coconut.
  • You can make centerpieces of empty wine bottles to be given as party favors. Paint the bottle and set artificial flowers in the bottle. You may give that centerpiece to some winner of a game or to a friend as party favor.
  • Prepare a list of new couple and select them for playing romantic games. Give them love guide or recipe books as party favor.
  • Homemade “Happy Valentine’s Day” wish cards as a party favor will also be a good idea.
  • Why don’t you think of bottle of chocolate sauce will be a great Valentine’s Day party favor.

These were some ideas for Valentine’s Day party favors.