Teens Christmas Party Ideas

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Hey are you planning a great Christmas party for your teen friends? If yes then it’s going to be great fun for you and your friends. Here are some tips for you that will help you in making your day special, exciting and memorable.

Party Theme for Teens Christmas Party

You may arrange whole Christmas party with a theme centered around a song. Very special Christmas ideas include white Christmas, Let it snow, silver bells etc. Main colors for Christmas themes are red and green, silver and blue, white and blue, white and gold etc. You can make all decorations in these colors and ask all guests to wear decided colors according to selected theme.

Sending Invitations

Once you decide theme for Christmas party, its time to send invitations to all guests. An invitation for Christmas party will include time for event, special exciting words to invite the recipient, dress code, RSVP etc. Invitation for Christmas party should be designed according to selected theme. Design in two colors that you select as dominating colors in all arrangements. You may use Christmas gifts, Christmas balls or a Christmas tree images in designing invitation. Design of teens Christmas party invitation should express that fun and excitement that is going to be enjoyed on this Christmas day. Make sure that you send invitation to all teens of your group well before the day.

Decoration for Teens Christmas Party

Keep selected theme for making all decorations. If you select winter wondered theme for your Christmas party then it would be great idea to fill the ballroom and dance hall with flocked white Christmas trees. Spread lots and lots silver and white balloons all around. White twinkling lights in the venue will add to beauty of you decorations. You may go with formal or fun option to make decorations.

Activities for Teens Christmas Party

Don’t forget to plan all activities for Christmas party that will make you have fun with friends. Usually teens love to dance and socialize in the party but making pictures is also a great fun. You may call a DJ or one of your friends may perform as DJ and play different CDs in background music while you enjoy all activities. There must be some chairs and tables for teens to rest after dancing. It would work great to arrange snacks and finger food on tables.

Music and Song Selection for Teens Christmas Party

Collect CDs of latest music and songs. Remember only rocking music is not the sign of excitement but you can arrange some Christmas theme related songs to celebrate birth of Jesus in real. Prepare some DJ lines and plan some musical games to have fun. It is always a matter of great for all teens to dance in couple so arrange some spot lights and ask 10 or more couples to come forward and dance for some time till romantic song ends. At the end judge performance of all couples by ask all guests to clap for each couple. The couple who gets huge cheer from all guests will be winner. Give them a prize that you have already packed. You may pack CDs or hearts in these prizes.

It is hopped that all these tips will make you brainstorm and draw your inner excitement to plan a great Christmas party.