11+ Graduation Party Themes

Graduation party will be thrown to wish the graduates for their accomplishments. A graduation party may be thrown at for high school students or for college students. The real fun in graduation party can only be taken if a themed party is planned. There are lots of options to select graduation party theme. Here you will get information about some of these graduation party themes.

Memory Lane Graduation Party

This graduation party theme will take all graduates back into their past and refresh them with sweet memories of their college lives. Really it will be great pleasure for graduates to attend a party predicting their past. For this party, you can collect pictures of all graduates and hand their pictures on walls. You are suggested to collect pictures well before time so that you may give surprise to the guests. A great idea to have pictures of all graduates is to make photographs of friends on different occasions and use them at the end of the year in graduation party. Plan other activities according to this theme. You can have fun by self portrait game that matches this party theme.

graduation party theme 2


Movie Themed Graduation Party

Another option is to go with movie theme to plan your graduation party. You will make all decorations according to this theme and arrange a movie to watch and enjoy with friends. You can hang picture banners or posters on the walls to match the environment with the theme.

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Housewarming Theme

Usually graduates get their own homes after they complete graduation so a housewarming theme is good with this concept. Guests can bring gifts for new house like kitchen appliances, dishes, flatware, pots, pans, linens etc. This theme will be selected only if the graduate got new house. This theme is best if graduation party is going to be friends and family graduation party.

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Career Themed Party

You can plan graduation party in career theme. For this you will consider the course of study. Guests can suggest the graduate about his future or bring career related gifts for the graduate like personalized desk accessories, leather portfolio, professional frame, handheld organizational devices etc.

graduation party theme 7

Alma Mater Graduation Party Theme

This graduation party theme is best for graduates that have always been loyal to their school, college or university. Some graduates become involved in alumni associations for helping future graduates of the college. If you are going to throw graduation party for such graduate then a graduation party themed around the school’s colors and mission statement will be a nice gesture. Guests can bring school brand related items like sweatshirts or license plate holders.

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Get Away Themed Graduation Party

It is somewhat exhausting for the graduates to complete the process of becoming a graduate. So planning a graduation party as a welcome break from studies and exams can be a great idea. To plan such party, you should go with the Get Away graduation party theme. May be the graduate may have wished for enjoying a Hawaiian vacation so plan this party as including everything like party at a beach, enjoying sand and swimming, a full luau, tiki torches, drinks with umbrellas. Well guests of this party can give gifts of money to help the graduate in purchasing a Hawaiian vacation for the graduate.

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Friendship Theme

If you go with this theme then invite all closest friends and classmates. Few relatives can also be invited to have fun in this party. In the invitations and souvenirs, make sure to emphasize friendship. You can write friendship quotes and designs on banners and hand them on walls in party hall.

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