Class Reunion Party Games

No matter for how many years you have met your classmates, memories of your school time will be firmly etched in your mind. You can meet your class friends by organizing a class reunion party.  Class reunions are always a source of fun and excitement for all and you will get lots of new memories for your future. Meeting old classmates is an exciting activity but a reunion can be made more fun by planning different games to be played with class mates. If you want to have some ideas for playing class reunion party games, then this post is going to help you a lot as here are best class reunion party games ideas:

Mimicking Teachers:

Whenever people meet after sometime, they make so many discussions and share memories of fun and incidents they came across in the past. Reunion party is also like a meeting of people who are meeting each other after a long time so a reunion party will also involve so many discussions. As sharing memories is a sure activity of your class reunion party, so why don’t you plan a memory sharing game in your party. To make it more funny, you can name this party game as copying teachers.  Ask all members in the party to copy a teacher and other guests will guess name of the teacher.

Worst Wooer:

A class reunion party without this game will be incomplete so make sure to include this game in your party plan. It is going to be very exciting when everyone will share a secret of a girl. Most of people will tell the stories that they could not crush their feelings to their loved ones but so many people will tell the stories that they went some steps ahead and wooed their secrets. Some of these brave people were successful and some has very bad experiences. You can prepare an award for the person who will be the worst wooer among all guests. You can name that award as “successful lover” of “Most girlfriends” etc.

Spot the Photo: 

Organizing people whom you will meet after so many years will be really a fun making game. Ask all guests to come closer and give them copies of yearbooks and ask them to pick a name from there and organize the face sitting with them. It will be amazing to see how a little girl developed into a serious aunt and how a cute little boy became a serious uncle.

Slam Book Fun: 

It’s a game to have fun with slam books when guests will enjoy filling each other’s slam books or yearbooks. This is the activity that all students enjoy during last year of their school so you are going to get a chance to meet all your friends again, make sure to include this class reunion party game in your games list. Ask all your guests to bring their slam books with them and have refilled their slam books again by each other at the end of the party. You can arrange awards for people who have reached their career positions they have dreamed of. Another fun making idea is to arrange an award for people who have joined totally different professions for instance one wished to become a doctor but he has become a dance teacher, a chef or an actor etc.

Common Games: 

Some games that may not match the party theme can be played in class reunion party like musical chairs, spinning the bottle, truth or dare, charades and so on. Playing these games in any party makes the party more enjoyable.

These were some games that can be played in a class reunion party game.