9+ Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

Making decorations for a wedding party is always an exciting activity but you may become some offensive with the restrictions to make the decorations in church. If you are planning your wedding at some church, you are suggested to ask the priest or vicar of the church to know if there are any restrictions for making decorations in the church. Once you get list of restrictions regarding decorations, plan ahead. Don’t feel sad because even after restrictions there are lots of options for you to decorate the church for your wedding party. A church wedding party must be arranged keeping the glory and piousness of this ritual place in mind so try to make decent selection of decoration supplies. Take assistance from our ideas for making church wedding decorations shared below:

Theme Selection

First of all select a theme for wedding party so that you make all decorations accordingly. If you want a church wedding party, then plan which color should be used to make all decorations.  You can go with following themes:

  • Christmas Theme
  • Country Theme
  • Black and White
  • Red and White

If you select a themed wedding party, then most of your arrangements will be made according to selected theme.

Entrance Decoration

Keep the theme in mind while making decorations. Start from decorating the entrance of the church. There can be more than one entrances to the church, you can decorate all or only one. It would work great to place tall candles on both sides of the entrance. Further tulle or fresh flowers can add elegant look to the entrance. Using LED lights will be economic for you instead of using candles. Placing ceramic decoration pieces on both sides of entrance of church will also be good. Use curly willow branches of indoor plants on the entrance of the church.

Door Decoration

Decorating the church door should also be given due importance. You may hang a welcome banner or flower bouquets on both panels of door. You can combine flower wreaths with tulle or ribbons to add to the beauty of the door. Again you are suggested to keep with the selected color theme while making all decorations. Using artificial flowers will surely look awesome.

Pew Decoration

You can use long white, red, green, light blue or pink colored fabric for decorating the pew. Not fabric only but you should make sure to use flower bouquets and ribbons to make a colorful and beautiful pew for the guests and wedding couple to walk in. Tie the fabric to the alternate pews in any style to give lovely touch to the wedding environment. Fabric knots can be given grace using flowers.

Aisle Decoration

This is again most important to decorate this area of the church. Decorating this area is of greater importance even you think of themed or even simple wedding decorations. You may use multi colored flower petals to be scattered on the aisle or on the both sides of aisle. If church floor is slippery, you are suggested to use some red carpet on the floor to make it easier for your guests to walk around. Using fluffy bows, ribbons, flowers, balloons will be good to decorate the church aisle.

Seating Decoration

Last but not least with respect to importance is to decorate seating area. You may cover the chairs with the chair covers and tie the back of each chair with ribbons or tulle making a beautiful knot at the back of each chair. Color of chair covers should match the selected theme color.

Rest of the decorations will include decorating the walls and ceilings of the church. You may enlighten the church in beautiful way. You can use scents to give special fragrance to the environment.

These were some ideas to make decorations for church wedding party. Here is a collection of some pictures of church wedding decorations that will give you an idea about how you can work out on these ideas:

church wedding decoration 3

church wedding decoration 1