10+ Thanksgiving Party Game Ideas

Thanksgiving is a great time for you to go back into your childhood and play different games and enjoy a happy thanksgiving environment. You can play different games according to your interest, age, number of people and selected party theme. Here you are provided with some great thanksgiving party game ideas. Read these ideas and make your time enjoyable by playing these games in this thanksgiving party.

1.      Floating Pumpkins

Take pumpkin like balloons and blow them up. Ask all children to keep the balloons in the air without letting them to touch the ground.

2.      Bobbing for Apples

This game is associated with Halloween celebration also because bobbing apples is fun anytime. This game is enjoyed in thanksgiving parties because apples are plentiful at this time of year. Players of this game try to grab apples only using their teeth. They may hang apples with threads or float apples in a water tub and try to grab apples. Both are fun.

3.      Candy Corn Toss

Take a timer, lots of candy corns and two bowls. Ask all guests to make two teams and ask both teams to stand behind a line drawn on the ground. Place one bowl for each team at a short distance from them. When game starts, each team tries to toss candy corns into the pumpkin. Team with more candies in pumpkin will be the winner.

4.      Harvest Hunt

Collect a pile of fallen leaves onto a trap and hide small wrapped candies in the pile of leaves. Give a starting signal to kids and ask them to jump on the pile to hunt whatever they want. A kid with most of all will be the winner.

5.      Pumpkin Bowling

To play this game, save ten 2 liter plastic soda bottles and fill them with sand to weight the bottles. Party guests try to bowl over the bottle pins with the help of small round pumpkin. A person will win the prize who bowls strikes. This game is very good option for teens to have fun in thanksgiving part. You can play this game in both indoor and outdoor parties.

6.      Apple Pass

Ask all guests to make two teams and then both teams will stand in two lines. They will have to pass apple from one team member to the other without using hands. The first team that gets the apple down the line wins the game.

7.      Thanksgiving Memory Game

Ask a group of guests to sit in a circle. Now the first player will say a sentence like “I ate turkey in thanksgiving party”. Then the next player will have to repeat the sentence and add another dish like “I ate turkey and sauce in thanksgiving party” and so on. If any player makes a mistake to speak the sentence with menu items in same order, he will be out of game and rest of players will continue. Last person who will not make any mistake will be the winner of the game.

8.      Pin the Wattle on the Turkey

Take a poster sized picture of a turkey. Make red wattles from construction paper and number them for each guest. Each guest is given three chances to point at the poster and pin the wattle on the turkey.

9.      Musical Pilgrim Hats

It’s same like musical chairs but pilgrim hats are used instead of chairs. Take 10 hats and call 11 participants of game. Put all these hats in center, play music and ask all participants to walk around the hats until the music stops. Tell everyone that he has to grab a hat right after the music stops. One who is left without hat will be out of game and one hat will also be removed and the game continues until there remain one hat and two participants. When the music will stop now, one of two candidates will be winner of game with hat.

10.  Pumpkin Pass

This game is for children. All kids sit in circle and pass a small pumpkin. When kids pass pumpkin an adult sits on music system and plays music in background. When the music stops, the kid with pumpkin in his hands goes out of the game and the game starts again. Last kid left with pumpkin in his hands is the winner of the game. You may give him prize or invite all kids to have chocolates.