7+ Bachelor Party Theme Ideas

Bachelor party is celebrated for providing a night to the man who is going to get married as a last option to live a free life as an irresponsible person. After this night, he will step into a new stage of life as a married person where lots of responsibilities will be waiting for him. He will have to play new roles of life being a husband and a father too.  A groom-to-be will feel great if any of his old buddies arrange a bachelor party for him to provide this great chance to him. So are you ready to do this job for your friend? We are also with you as we are going to provide you ideas for throwing a bachelor party. You will have to make lots of arrangements for organizing this party like deciding day and date, selecting venue, deciding party theme, designing party invitation and sending to all guests, planning entertainment for the party and so on. Making all these arrangements will make you throw a great party and another thing that can help you organize a success bachelor party which is selecting party theme before all other arrangements are made. Yes make your mind what bachelor party theme will suit your friends’ taste and yours also.

So what do you think??? Which party theme you will use to organize your bachelor party? Remember a bachelor party theme should be such a great theme that will provide a great chance of plenty of drinking, enjoying with hot women, male bonding etc to your guest of the honor “The Groom-to-be” and all other friends. Here you are welcomed to go through the bachelor party theme ideas shared below that will surely make your party a memorable one in your friends’ memories. Further these themes are best to organize parties full of fun and excitement. Read these themes and select a best one for your bachelor party.

Arabian Nights

Why don’t you plan bachelor party at some exotic oasis in your city or far away in other city? You can make decorations with veils, magic, lights, pillows etc.  This themed party can be real fun if you invite beautiful ladies. It will be great to invite some dancing ladies to perform belly dance in half dresses. What you think about it??? Doesn’t it sound waoo???

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Las Vegas

This theme will be good if you want a classic swinging bachelor party. It would be easier for you to plan Las Vegas themed bachelor party. Plan a road trip with your close friends for the best destination. If you feel your budget somewhat tight, you can arrange a Vega themed party in your own city by playing card games in company of half-naked women. Don’t forget to include bachelor party games in your plan. This is the real fun for which a bachelor party is celebrated actually.

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Selecting this game will provide you a great chance to go back into days of your past. Yes you will mention the party theme on bachelor party invitation so that all guests may come with preparing a special parody or skit to perform in party and have fun. Well you can choose different colors to make decorations and deciding dress code. You can also prepare a skit with some of your friends to surprise the groom-to-be and all other friends. You can take any college event for skit or any event that all of you celebrated in the past in which your groom-to-be was main character. This idea will give another chance to your friend to live a day of independence.

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Toga Party

Toga party theme means organizing a bachelor party as a Greek themed party. Costume selection will be very simple. You can simply wrap some sheets around all your guests to make same costumes and have fun in drinking maximum wine or beer with your friends. Other activities and party games should match your Toga party theme.

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James Bond

If your friend has wished to have a cool bachelor party in his honor before his marriage then James Bond bachelor party theme will be a great choice. Ask all your guests to dress up in suits like the people of 1960s and have fun by enjoying some dry martinis. Well you can guess your friend’s James Bond movie to set his mood. Make all other arrangements accordingly.

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