7+ Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Baby shower party is one of the most memorable events that parents-to-be can ever have. Lots of activities are enjoyed to make this day more special for parents and to say warm welcome to new couple like games are played, gifts are given to the parents for them or for their baby, refreshment is served and then the party goes to an end. People try to enjoy baby showers in different styles so different baby shower themes are planned to organize baby showers. Shower favors can complete the party theme in actual. Baby shower favors have their own importance. If you are planning baby shower for your upcoming baby and really want to make this event memorable for your guests too, then you are suggested not to forget buying baby shower party favors for your guests to say special thanks to them for their joining. Baby shower favors will be smaller gifts other than games prizes.

What you can buy to give as baby shower party favors may be the question in your mind now. We are going to share some baby shower favors ideas with you that will surely make your baby shower party a memorable one. Follow the ideas shared below:

  • You can take baby shower bottles and fill them with candies or balloons to make best baby shower favor.
  • Buy some scented candles of pink or blue color that will smell sweet during baby shower.
  • Another idea is to buy baby socks and make this gift baby shower favor by filling the socks with candies or balloons.
  • Prepare personalized candy bars and wrap them in best wrappers of pink, white or blue colors.
  • Baby bath soaps or other cosmetics can also be given as baby shower favors from hosts of the party to all guests.
  • Small picture frames. It will be best to buy picture frames to set pictures of babies. You will get variety of cartoon shaped picture frames.
  • Candles of different cute shapes like baby bottles, baby socks, bunnies etc.
  • Jelly belly for baby girl or baby boy in different colors
  • Baby fabric bags filled with different bath beads, candies, hodgepodge etc.
  • Baby shower carriage candles in cute wrappers can be given as baby shower favors.
  • Packets of diapers can also be given to married or going to be married people as naughty baby showers or wishing good luck for their future.
  • Baby shower themed thank you cards can also be given as bay shower party favors.
  • Honey baby honey jars in cute baby shower themed wrappers will be a best baby shower favor.
  • Personalized baby shower candy pillow with a name label on it can be best personalized baby shower party favor from the host of party.

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These were some ideas for buying baby shower party favors.