8+ Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette parties have become more popular way to celebrate the good-bye of bride to her single days. Bachelorette party has really a great chance of making fun. Everyone wants to convert this event into special occasion. Planning this party is a best part of it. If bachelorette is to be celebrated among friends only then all friends should be encouraged to take part in planning. Here you are provided with a guide to plan a bachelorette party with friends and have fun the most. Get benefit from our bachelorette party ideas shared below:

Make a Budget

Whatever arrangements you may plan to make, your first step should be to plan your budget. Allocate amount to be spent on each arrangement like decoration, food, limousine, goodie bags, renting a party hall etc.


You can arrange this party in brides’ house, friend’s house or a party hall. Selection of location will depend on number of guests and your plans to play games and have fun. If you need huge hall for celebration, you may organize this party on some open place like a beach or garden or rent a hall for party.


Selection of menu should be made according to taste of bride-to-be and guests invited too. Don’t forget to order variety of drinks. Well you should try something different in menu to surprise your guests as girls always like to be surprised. You can opt for preparing some cocktail food, shrimps, chicken wings, grapes etc. You can try Chinese food also. Try to use less and less alcohol in this celebration.


Plan games and other entertaining activities before party day to make your guests and bride-to-be have great fun. You may prepare some gags, gifts or have some movie to watch together. Some rocking music is a must to enjoy. You can ask the bride to tell her choice in music selection. Prepare some songs remix CDs for dancing and fun. Most fun making game for this party is making a bunch of penis of about 3 inches. When all guests arrive hand these penises to them all and ask them to decorate their penis and write their names on them. When all have done, start playing the pin the penis game. The one who reaches closest to the exact positioning will win the prize. Similarly plan other games with consent of bride.

Goodie Bags

You can purchase a medium size gift bag and fill it with your goodies like lotions, bubble bath samples, condoms, penis shaped chocolates, penis pencil toppers etc. You can get all these goodies from an adult store.

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