8+ Wedding Reception Themes

No party can be ideal without selecting a theme for party then how can a wedding reception party be? So this post will provide you the ideas for wedding reception themes.  Here you will find information about different wedding reception themes.

All Black Wedding Reception Theme

Lots of people select white color for their wedding receptions so why don’t you try a big change? Yes its black. Tray all black wedding reception theme if you want purity. White is quite common selection but its true that it looks simple, decent and traditional but black will also look good. Remember black is all time favorite color of celebrities so it will give a shiny and elegant look to your wedding reception party.

wedding reception themes 1

Formal Wedding Reception Theme

This theme is best for people of sophisticated nature so if you are… Go with this theme for your wedding reception. Formal party theme will give a traditional and decent look to your party.

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Bollywood Party Theme

Are you a movie buff or your partner??? Yes? Then none other than the Bollywood party theme will be best for your wedding reception party. You can take any Bollywood movie and dress up like celebraties you like the most. To add more fun, you can ask your guests to come in dresses of their favorite Bollywood stars. Arrange music and club lights to make a rock dance floor for all guests.

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Beach Party Theme

This wedding reception party is not actually a suitable theme for wedding reception but this will be good for people who love to have fun and are willing to experiment on beach with friends. You can make the beach area best suitable for your party after making different seating and decoration arrangements. You can give Hawaiian touch to your party that will be one of the best memorable parties for the guests.

wedding reception themes 4

Musical Party Theme

Musical party theme will be best for you if you are lover of melody. A melodious environment with soft decoration will add romantic touch to the environment. Select contemporary music to be played during party and favorite songs of couple to be played at the end of the party when there will be only friends of the couple to have fun. You can arrange a dance competition in which all couples will take party. This competition will be just for entertainment.

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Flower Party Theme

Flowers have always been considered as a symbol or synonym of love and specialty so floral decoration is always liked and appreciated whether it is wedding party, wedding reception or a birthday party etc. Colors of flowers you will select will actually make the environment different and special. Another very important thing is the feelings of romance that floral decoration will add between two of you.

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Traditional Wedding Ceremony Theme

Traditional theme will work best if you wish to have a wedding reception because it will be understood as a theme symbolic of your long-standing folk culture and traditions. This theme is best for couples who have different tastes and dreams for wedding reception party. You can combine two cultures and their customs to make environment looking great. This new combination of culture will surely remain fresh in memories of all guests.

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