7+ Wedding Reception Games

Usually wedding parties are full of seriousness and sentiments but this sentimental environment can be broken up by playing some games in the party. So what’s up? Plan which games you would like to play in your wedding reception party. Get help from our wedding reception games ideas shared below.

Wedding Couple Trivia

This game can be played to make the time fun making when guests are waiting for the food to be served. So let’s have fun with your guests by playing this interesting game. Write some questions about you and your partner on different cards. Each guest will pertain you, your partner and both of you together and give the answer. Call a guest to answer the first question. If the guest gives right answer then he or she will call the next guest to answer the question. This game can make your time enjoyable.

Guess How Many Flowers

Usually a game with bride’s flower bouquet is played that is tossing her bouquet among all bridesmaids, the one who gets the bouquet is considered as the next bride-to-be or whatever. These concepts are different among different people. So come to the new version of this game that you can play. Set up a jar of marbles matching the color of wedding reception party decorations. Once you have done this arrangement, make an announcement among all the guests that only unmarried guests can play this game. All unmarried guests will make a guess that how many marbles/flowers are in the jars. Guests will write down their answers or guesses on a piece of paper provided by you and submit the paper with their names at the bottom. The guest who will make the right guess or near the right number will be the winner of the game. You can simply present a flower bouquet to her and wish her getting married soon with the boy she likes or wants. Its coooooool!!!!

Enjoy Musical Chairs

This traditional game looks somewhat old but if only fun is your want then you can obviously include this game in your wedding reception activities list. Ask one person to deal with the music. Arrange number of chairs one less than the number of participants of the game. Play music and ask all guests to move around the chairs. Suddenly stop the music and all guests will sit on chairs. One guest without chair will be out of game. Before starting the game again one chair will be removed. Keep on playing the game before you get the winner of the game.

Scavenger Hunt

This game is best to be played in wedding reception party if all guests are seated on tables. So select one participant guest from each table to play this game. Hide some items in the reception hall. DJ of the party will call out the item name and the participant guest selected from a table will rush to find that item. A guests running in hurry under the table or up the table will really look funny. A guest who finds most items will be the winner of the game. A special prize will be given to him by the bride perhaps a kisss!!!

Blindfolding the Bride

This game is very interesting. Blindfold the bride. Now ask some men from guests to come and stand in a line and call the groom to stand in that line of guests. Now again come to the bride and ask her to guess who is her groom? The bride will find her groom only by touching their faces. Play some exciting music when this game is being played. Guests’ clapping and cheers should add to the fun of the game.

Stick the KISSSS

This game is an easier way to get all guests involved in the wedding reception party and have fun. All the guests will just peel and stick. Rest of the work will be done by the bride and groom. It is sure you got what the game is all about. Now ask a question from all guests that where the bride will like to kiss the groom and where the groom will like to kiss the bride. Guests will give their answers by sticking the kisses on the pictures.

Take two enlarge pictures of the bride and the groom and place those pictures in the wedding reception hall. You can use large cartoons instead of pictures too. Place lots of hearts and kisses in one bowl beside the pictures and ask all guests to come and peal the stickers and stick on the pictures. Encourage the guests to paste the stickers wherever they want. Brides’ and groom’s answers will be written on a page before the guests do their work. The guest whose sticker will be closest to the answers given by new couples will be the winner of the game.

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