10+ Wedding Party Ideas

Everyone looks to make his/her wedding unique. Don’t you wish so? Obviously your answer would be yes. So to make your wish true, we have gathered some wedding planning ideas that can make your wedding party go smoothly and unique. Follow the wedding party ideas shared below for planning your wedding party. Each of these ideas needs to be explained in detail that we will later on explain in other posts. So have brief information about all these ideas in this post:

  • First of all decide a final date for wedding party so that you can think of other arrangements. You need to consider different factors while deciding your wedding date like availability of your friends and family members. Try to plan your wedding party on a day when there will be some public holiday.
  • Hire a professional wedding planner or ask your close friend to plan your wedding party. You can do it yourself also. Keep sharing ideas with your wedding planner friend so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding party the way you have dreamed of ever.
  • Make a guest list in first priority. When you will sure about number of guests, making all arrangements will become easier like venue size, seating arrangements, food arrangement etc.
  • Select the best wedding venue and book it well before time. There are two different types of venues; one is that will provide you a hall only. All other arrangements will be at your responsibility like decoration and food and the other option is one that will provide you a hall with all arrangements done by them. You will just go there with your guests, enjoy the wedding party and go home. Paying dues will be only responsibility of you regarding venue. Some popular options for wedding party venue include hotels and restaurants, catering halls, clubs, mansions, inns etc.
  • Once you have decided date and day for wedding party and booked a hall then come to the sending wedding party invitations. Make sure that you select design of wedding invitation according to selected theme so that guests may make idea about the elegance of your wedding party. Send invitations well before the time.
  • There must be some entertainment element in a wedding party so don’t forget to think about it in separate according to your style and choice. Music at reception will really help you in creating a wedding like environment. You can arrange a music system and assign your friend to play music or you can hire a music DJ to deal with the music arrangements.
  • It comes about decorating the wedding party venue now. You are suggested to make all decorations according to the selected party theme so make sure to select best wedding party theme first for instance you may make all decorations according to Hawaiian wedding party theme or a honey destination etc. Other factor that can be considered of is your wedding motif. If you have booked a venue with decoration package then you don’t need to think about it but if you are going to plan some outdoor wedding party like a beach party then all decorations is your headache.  Remember candles and flowers are the key decoration elements to make a wedding party elegant. Well bouquets, balloons, silk fabric, drapes can also be used for making decorations. All important places must be decorated well.
  • Decide what menu you will serve your guests with. You can ask different caterers for their services and select best menu that aligns with your wedding party theme and other arrangements.

It is hoped that the ideas shared above will help you in planning a wedding party complete in all respects.

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