5+ Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Here is a collection of great wedding party gift ideas that will surely please the wedding couple.

Gift Basket

Sometimes it becomes very confusing to get best and perfect gift for the wedding couple then this gift idea works best. You may make a gift basket by adding different gift ideas together for instance your gift basket may include spa items, card, cosmetic case, tote bag, gift card, lotion, candles, coffee cups, wine glasses or a bottle of wine and so on. To make it funny you can make a gift basket containing all gift items that will be given on a baby shower. Yesss!!! It is really very funny. You may buy all little items of a baby and pack them in a gift basket. It will also work as best wishes for the wedding couple to have a blessed honeymoon and get a baby soon. Go ahead with this wedding party gift idea.

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Customized Wedding Gift

Sending a customized wedding gift solely made for the wedding couple will really please the wedded couple. So what you can send as customized gifts to the couple? You can think about handmade wedding wish card, a travel bag with a best wishes card on it, a night dress for the bride that will be too sexy, a letter with tips to spend first night in love and so on.

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Money is somewhat non-customized and uncreative gift for a wedded couple but still it is counted as a best wedding party gift for the couple. Some couple dream to start saving right from their wedding for a big house or a new car, your money can be a little contribution to their saving and a token of encouragement and best wishes for the wedding couple to make their dreams true. If you don’t feel satisfied with this gift only then you can combine this gift with some other like a flower bouquet and a card, beautiful picture frame, some kitchen gadget, cosmetic for the bride etc.

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Booking of Hotel Room for First Night

You know that first night after getting wedded is the most precious night for the couple then why don’t you try to make this night more special? Do you have any idea how? One idea is to book a luxurious hotel room for their first night and give them a card with welcome note to spend their night in that room. It will really surprise and please the wedded couple. Further you can decorate the hotel room for their first night using candles and roses. Make a best looking and romantic centerpiece for the table and decorate all room in special theme. Don’t forget to hang a note of “Don’t Disturb” at the door.

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Honeymoon Related Gift

Being a friend, you should try to make their honeymoon sweeter. For this you are suggested to get information about the place where the couple is going for honeymoon and buy gift certificates of best restaurant or some resort. If you come to know that they have arranged economy classes in plane, you can upgrade their tickets to first class. You can also give them a high resolution camera to make pictures of them on honeymoon. A guide book of that area will also be great gift from you.

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