11+ Wedding Party Decoration Ideas

Wedding is an important event in our lives. Furthermore it’s a one time opportunity for most of us so every one of us always dream to celebrate this day in special way. Everything needs to be as beautiful and special as possible. Wedding decoration is of greater importance in order to make a wedding ceremony look special. The decoration of wedding party depends on the venue as well as selected wedding party theme. Here we have made some ideas for making a wedding day special by special decorations. You can take help from these ideas to decorate your wedding party:

Selection of Location

The most important task you must do before thinking about decorations is to select the best location for your wedding party. There are lots of options to select location for wedding party like a garden, park, beach, churches, wedding hall etc. Wedding party can be celebrated at any of these locations with full fun. Make sure to fix a meeting with your fiancé and ask him/her about deciding location for wedding party whether indoor, outdoor, beach, church, park, backyard etc. Once you have decided location for your wedding party, make ideas for proceeding.

Think Creatively

After the location is selected you will need to be wise and creative to make ideas for decorating the location. This will depend on the nature of place and the theme you have selected to celebrate your wedding party. Get detailed information about the place like limitations and possibilities that you will have to keep with while making other arrangements for your celebration. Decide what time will be best to make snaps and have well lighted party venue. Once you have clear idea about the place you have selected, you can step forward to make decorations actually.

Traditional Wedding Decorations

If you are planning a traditional wedding ceremony, keep these points in mind while decorating the wedding party venue:

  • Space: Whatever the style you select to make decorations, don’t compromise with the space available to your guests for moving around. Decorations should be made in a way that there is enough space for guests to enjoy and meet each other. Make sure to provide clear view of proceedings to all guests without any hinders caused by decorations.
  • Preparations: Plan your budgetary limits and arrange all decoration supplies. Things you can choose for making decorations can include electric lights, candles, flowers, tulle, wedding table centerpiece and so on. Try to keep good track of all wedding proceedings.
  • Consultation: It will be better to consult your video person and the photographer to have better ideas for color scheme and lighting arrangements.
  • Decorate: Now come to the point which places should be given more attention for decorations. Consider wedding gazebo, wedding car, wedding venue entrance, wedding party floor decoration, wedding table decoration, cake decoration, walls decoration etc. Remember all decorations must give unique and decent look altogether.

Themed Wedding Decorations

If you are planning a themed wedding party then you must keep the following points in mind:

  • Select a Theme: Make sure that all your guests will be comfortable with your decorations so select a very tricky theme. Consider the venue, weather and likings of bride and groom while selecting wedding party theme.
  • Professional Guide: It will work good to take assistance from some professional wedding planner to make best arrangements. You must be clear about your dreams so that you can communicate to the decorating staff with exact ideas what you wish.
  • Color Scheme: Be very very conscious for look of all decorations. Select best color scheme and make all decorations accordingly. Consider the color scheme and wedding party theme to buy wedding party decoration supplies. You can think to go with candles, flowers, tulles, artificial/silk flowers etc for making all decorations.


You are suggested to make all decorations by following a well planned to-do-list so that you may finish your work in time with all done what you have planned.

Floral Wedding Party Decoration Ideas

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Lighting Wedding Party Decoration Ideas

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General Wedding Reception Party Decoration

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