Valentine’s Party Themes

Valentine’s Day is love day that provides a great opportunity to express love to anyone whether a child, family member, spouse or colleague. One can throw Valentine’s Day party to express his/her love. A Valentine’s Day party can be more interesting and fun making also if a special theme is used to throw party. There are lots of options to throw a Valentine’s Day party. We have made some ideas to share with you regarding party themes. Read the Valentine’s Day party themes shared below before you make party arrangements.

Special Valentine’s Party for Singles to Mingle

It will be great idea to throw a matchmaker-themed Valentine’s Day party that will provide a chance to singles finding friends or dates with similar interests. You can ask all guests to make a brief and interesting questionnaire about background, family, education, career, hobby, likings, disliking etc. You can ask guests to bring potluck dish along with a favorite movie to watch. Arrange a music system and CDs or DVDs of romantic background music to create a lovely environment.

Dressing Up as Famous/Historical Couples

You can host a Valentine’s Day party with a theme in which all guests will come in dresses of famous or historical couples. You can narrow the choice of selecting dresses by specifying the names of couples like a couple from decade, a couple from any TV serial etc. Decorate the party venue according to the party theme for instance if you have specified a geek couple then you will follow their culture in making all other arrangements.

Party for Kids

Valentine’s Day is not only the event of expressing love among couples so parties for kids only can also be thrown by using Kids Valentine’s Day party themes. Remember this day is special day for everyone so let the kids enjoy also. Use red and white color as dominating colors for making all decorations. Plan kids like games for the party.

Prove Opposites Attract

If you select this theme then you can ask guests to dress up in characters that are opposite to each other like angel and devil, cat and dog etc. Make sure to use contrasting colors for all decorations like black and white. You can stick to the party theme by ordering opposite taste food as hot and cold, sweet and spicy etc. All activities should also match the party theme.

Showcase Happy Hearts

If you are going to organize a Valentine’s Day party for kids then this theme will work best. Decorate the venue with heart shaped wall hangings and accents. You are suggested to use red and pink table wears for decorating the center table. Decide menu like finger chips, heart shaped cookies, fruits, sandwiches for kids. A treasure hunt game will add to the fun of the game. To align this game with the party theme, you can use heart shaped treasure. Have fun with kids.

Express Family Appreciation

You can celebrate Valentine’s Day by throwing a party in “Express Family Appreciation” theme. This party theme will give a chance to all family members to show their love to one another. You can align the environment to the party theme by taking photos of all family members and enclose it on a cardboard frame and ask all members to write phrases of love for each member on party day. Further cook food that is loved by all your family members and enjoy a movie at the end of the party after love expressing and having meal.