Valentine’s Day Party Games

Parties are thrown to have fun so no party is complete without games and other fun activities. This post is about Valentine’s Day party so we have to shake our mind to make a list of romantic and fun making games that will rejoice the guests of party and provide them a chance to express their love to their loved ones in funny but romantic mood. To help you, we have prepared a list of Valentine’s Day party games that can obviously make your day special and fun making. Some of these games can be played in any themed party but some games are played in themed party only. So read this post and think how you are going to enjoy your Valentine’s Day party this year.

Truth or Dare

This game is fully entertaining and romantic too. Ask all guests to sit in a circle to start the game. It would be more exciting if you make a team of couples only and let the couples sit together where they will be asked different interesting questions to give true answers or dare to do told tasks if they don’t want to give answer. Prepare a music system and a cushion to parcel the game to select the next couple who will answer the questions. This is very exciting game especially when couples are sitting together.

Propose Your Partner

Love becomes mantra for everyone in the party on Valentine’s Day so a game that can let the guests express their love to their loved in game will be best selection to have fun. So when all guests have arrived, talk about proposals and proposing to find mixed emotions.

Love Pictionary

Valentine’s Day is associated with love sharing through different activities like sharing gifts, sending cards, flowers and confectionary. Usually valentine’s symbols include love shaped gifts, dove and other winged cupid figurines. When you think to share gift with your friend, try Valentine’s Day game in it. One of such games is love Pictionary. There is no age limit to play this game on Valentine’s Day.

Treasure Hunt

Love day is celebrated on 14th of February every year round the globe. This is a day to express your feelings of love, passion, togetherness and affection to your loved one. You can express your love by sending gifts or cards on this day. Try this game to make gift sharing activity a fun making activity.