Thanksgiving Party Themes

Autumn is about to come. It is the right time to plan thanksgiving party. You may plan a party with your family, friends or colleagues, you will surely look for some ideas to select thanksgiving party theme that will make your party unique. You can plan your thanksgiving party in different theme. All party arrangements like party invitation, menu, venue, favors and decorations will be made according to selected theme. What theme you would like to use in your thanksgiving party celebration? Still you don’t have any idea? In order to give you a variety of options to select a best party theme, we are going to share best thanksgiving party theme ideas with you.

The First Thanksgiving Theme

You must have studies about thanksgiving party that was celebrated first in your grade school studies. You may throw party in same theme that is the first thanksgiving theme and recreate a feast like that one which the pilgrims might have eaten. Well it’s hard to exactly know what the menu of first thanksgiving party was but there are different suggestions by different scholars to select ingredients and dishes. You can continue the theme with decorations like map of New England used as placemats or table coverings or napkins folded in turkeys etc.

Retro Thanksgiving Theme

It would be a great idea to throw a thanksgiving party in Retro thanksgiving theme this year. You can show your inner June Cleaver with this theme. You can really rock a vintage apron and serve all your guests by thanksgiving dishes such as cranberry sauce or sweet potato-marshmallow casseroles. You can try new recipes by scouring vintage shops for old magazines of recipes. This theme will work more if you ask your guests to come in retro themed era-appropriate dresses.

Regional Thanksgiving Theme

A very special thanksgiving party theme is to follow regional harvest celebration trends. Get information about your regional trends for thanksgiving holiday and make all arrangements accordingly. You may prepare dinner for party in special style New England’s seafood, Southern BBQ, Cajun spice etc and apply the apply that flavor to thanksgiving staples like turkey, potatoes and vegetable side dishes.

Local Thanksgiving Theme

Local thanksgiving party theme shows your interest and appreciation to your community by making a commitment to seasonal, locally grown produce or locally raised poultry and meats. If you select this theme, you should check out local butchers, organic grocers and nearby food stores for sources. Not only your party food will taste fresh and will be healthy but it will also create a good environment.