10+ Outdoor Wedding Party Ideas

Many brides have dreamed to arrange their wedding ceremony as an outdoor wedding party. Have you also dreamed so? If you are planning an outdoor wedding party then choosing the right outdoor location is critical. Whatever the location you select for your wedding party, make sure to plan it with bad weather plan. Always plan wedding reception along with the wedding day so what’s your idea? Do you want to plan only wedding day party an outdoor party or the wedding reception also in the same way? Make your mind first before you make all arrangements. What you want? Your wedding on a beach side, by a stream, in some park, a garden or in any country inn?

Whatever the location you choose, you need to keep some important points in mind that are discussed below. We have divided these outdoor wedding party ideas in two sections that are:

  • Pitfalls to avoid for planning an outdoor wedding party
  • Rest of the ideas including decorations, guests comfort, sound arrangements, bad weather plan etc.

Read our collection of wedding party ideas:

Pitfalls to Avoid

Selecting the Best Location

Make wise selection of best location that will be suitable if the weather turns against expectations. The best locations that you can consider for your wedding party can include:

  • Wedding hall
  • Church
  • Hotel
  • Country inn
  • Garden etc

Consider the number of guests before you select the location so that you may not have to face any difficulty in all arrangements.

Ideas for Decorations

Most of wedding halls provide decoration services within the charges but you can take the responsibility of decorating the wedding party venue at your own. Use of an arch will add best touch to the environment. You may select the arch with simple design or adorned with flowers, fabric, ribbons etc that will match all other party arrangements.

Comfort Considerations and Guest Space

Weather can go unpredictable at any time so make sure to do some extra arrangements if you are going to plan an outdoor wedding party. Consider the selected location and make the decorations accordingly. Find answers of some questions to ensure comfort hosting of all guests. These answers include:

  • Will you need electricity?
  • It is possibility that you can rent a generator?
  • Are there heater fans in the location?

If your wedding party is to be arranged in hot weather then some things can go wrong like:

  • Metal chairs in hot season can create problem
  • Keep the food as cool as possible in hot season
  • Make sure to get the wedding cake prepared with special recipe that will remain fresh in outdoor conditions

Sights and Sound Arrangements

If you are planning an outdoor wedding party in winter season then a sunny day will be best for making all arrangements but remember that sun can be blinding at any time so try to make all arrangements in a way that comfort of your guests is not compromised. Sight and sound arrangements must be perfect. If you are planning wedding party after sunset then make sure to arrange plenty of lights before the guests arrive. The other thing to be considered for outdoor wedding party planning is the sound arrangement. When you select music for party, don’t forget to consider acoustical problems. Think if the music can be heard without amplification?  If amplification is required, select a professional one who is experienced of performing at outdoor weddings.

Bad Weather Plan

Always expect bad weather on your wedding day if you are planning an outdoor wedding party. Make a plan in which you will rent a weather proof tent, reserve some indoor location as a backup.

Outstanding Ideas For Outdoor Wedding

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Open Air Wedding Ideas

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Outstanding Ideas For Outdoor Wedding

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