11+ Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

It would be a matter of success for you if you succeed to plan a best wedding party. Fifty percent of success of wedding party depends on the decorations you make so be very careful and creative while thinking of decorating the party venue. Making decorations is always a creative and exciting activity but it becomes somewhat offensive too when you think to plan an outdoor wedding party. The reason is tension of transferring all decoration materials to the location. It will need more time and money to arrange some outdoor wedding party especially on roofless places like garden, park, seashore, beach etc. Here we have made some ideas to help you decorating an outdoor wedding venue especially roofless place so you are welcomed to use our ideas and make this job easier for you.

Must Consider These

First of all we would like to highlight some points that you must keep in mind while decorating an outdoor party venue. Here are names of some areas that you will focus on mainly:

  • Altar: This is the place where the efficient will perform the formalities of wedding to make you husband and wife. Decorate this place in best way
  • Seating Area: Heed attention to the seating area where your guests will sit. Chairs’ cover, table cover, table centerpiece and proper lighting and sight to the altar are the main considerations you need to be careful about.
  • Entrance: Try to make elegant entrance from where all guests and the bride and groom will enter the venue. No matter the venue has roof or not, you should make proper entrance and decorate it creatively.

Arrange These:

Now you will get some ideas about decoration supplies.  You are suggested to arrange enough supply of decoration supplies like colorful tulle according to selected theme, fresh flowers, some leaves to decorate the altar and entrance, tapes, thread, balloons etc.


Arrange extra seating for all guests to prevent hustle and bustle at the venue during the party is going on. Arrange seats around circle tables and put neat and clean chair coves on each chair. If you make a knot with colorful tulle on each chair, it will look good. Spread colorful rose petals on the arch way. Try to keeps the things simple but some elegant and decent. Make sure to order fresh flowers to the floral dealer near the venue well before time. Also arrange flowers with long stems so that you make settings easily.

Here are pictures of some outdoor wedding decorations that will give you ideas about making best decorations. See this collection: