Halloween Party Ideas for Teens

Halloween is one of the most favorite times of year that provides people of all ages with lots of fun and enjoyment. Everyone tries to avail opportunity of throwing fun making party. Every year people try to do much more than previous year in preparations for the Halloween celebration. Especially young generation seems involved in making preparations and having fun therefore we have tried to make a separate post for teens to help them plan their Halloween party in special way. If you are also a teen and looking for ideas for planning a Halloween party then read the tips shared below and plan a special day for you and your friends.

Select Party Theme

A Halloween party theme that is always fun making for teenagers is the costume contest. You can plan type of costume by asking all guys about their favorite costumes and select the costume type liked by majority. Arrange a competition for the costume and give a prize to the winner with best costume.


If you are going to invite only teenager friends of you, sending email invitations would be a great choice for you. You may design an invitation card for your Halloween party and send it to all of your friends. Halloween party invitation cards should be designed according to selected theme. Make sure that all information is provided in invitation card.

Party Food

Select best party menu if you want to have real fun in your Halloween party with your teen friends.  Set up the party food table with festive plates, stylish napkins and some snacks like; Halloween candies, Cookies and Cupcakes, Chips and dip, popcorns, fresh veggies, soda and bottled water, Halloween punches etc.

Be Creative While Planning

Most of teenagers like to show their creativity so you can ask your friends to carve a pumpkin and plan it as a contest and give a party themed prize for the winner of the contest.


While planning the decoration of venue, think of the front at the first and decorate the reception area. All decorations will be made according to selected theme. Arrange creative Halloween party decoration supplies. To give more special touch to your party, light up a pumpkin, add some scary candles, party lights and decorate stage for great party night.


Again I will quote the fact about parties that is no party is complete without games. People of all ages play games. Usually teens like to play video games or watching scary movies and playing other games. If you want to go with video games option then arrange games CDs that are scary and ghost like well before the party day and tell the friends about the fun you are going to have. Don’t forget to arrange music CDs and music system for fun.

It is hoped that you will have great fun in your Halloween party this year using the tips shared above.