Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

Have you planned Halloween party for your kid and his/her friends this year? Not Yet? Then what you are waiting for? Read this post and set out for making preparations for the Halloween party. Try to make all arrangements according to culture and theme of this day so that your kids may learn this aspect of their culture and celebrate this holiday with same excitement. We have gathered some tips for planning a Halloween party for kids that are shared below:

Selection of Space for Kids’ Halloween Party

First of all plan a venue for throwing a Halloween party for your kids. It would be a fun making for your kids to have a party outside. Try to have a tent booking in some garden in the evening that can be best place for making a ghost like environment.  If it is not possible to go outdoor you can plan Halloween party in your home garage or in living room with dim lights.


Using pumpkins, shocks of Indian corns, scarecrows, cutouts of sandwiches, ghosts, globins, bonfires etc for decoration is a good idea. There are lots of cheap decoration items by spending fewer dollars. It would be great idea to involve your kids in making Halloween cutouts. You can get spiders, bats other sketches to hang in venue for making Halloween themed background. Use your imaginations with your homemade Halloween decorations.

Games Ideas

No party is complete without games and fun so you need to give enough time in planning games for kids Halloween party. Some games are associated with this celebration. These games include:

  • Take a tub and fill it with water. Now float some apples in that water tub and call kids guests for a contest. Ask them to eat apples with their mouth keeping their hands on their back. This game is known as apple bobbing contest.
  • Another very interesting and fun making game is the basket toss, ring toss, go fishing, duck pond etc. Lots of Halloween games supplies are available in market at inexpensive rates.
  • It is always a matter of interest and excitement to play a game of fortune telling. All fortunes should be fun in nature but it should not be scary like especially in kids Halloween party.
  • Once the kids of Halloween party are tired of games then call them to gather around the open fire and tell them for the interest ghost story. Selection of story should be appropriate to age. If children are too young then the story should have happy ending.

Halloween Party Treats

You can serve soft drinks and different Halloween treats to friends of your kids. Make sure to prepare treats for the party well before party day and encourage friends of your kids to come for the party in Halloween costumes and enjoy the party. Some special Halloween party ideas for kids are the popcorn balls, BBQ sausages, finger sandwiches, fruits, Halloween cookies, cupcakes etc are best to please the kids. Arranging candies can also please your kids guests.