Halloween Party Favors

Halloween party favors are a great way to make happy ending of Halloween party. Giving small gifts to your guests will make them feel how much you are grateful to them for their coming. There are lots of options to give Halloween party favors. You can give personalized party favors to your guests of different age groups like kids, teens, adults etc. Some of the Halloween party favors options are discussed below:

For Kids:

Candy Bags: Giving candy bags to kids as Halloween party favors will be a good idea. You may put different candies in candy bags like Halloween candy corns, gummy worms, chocolates, homemade Halloween cookies etc.

Plastic Vampire Teeth: It is a great fun for kids to put vampire teeth on their teeth and wear vampire costumes in party. So you can ask your kids guests to come in vampire dresses only and they will get teeth from you.

Free Face Paint: Face paint is really an idea that will please all your kids guests. You may call a painter who is expert in making Halloween face paints and ask him to make different paintings on faces of kids guests without charging any cost. Kids will surely love this Halloween disguises for free.

Halloween Themed Stickers: All kids love stickers so you can use this idea as best for your Halloween party favors for kids. Find variety of shades, shapes and images of Halloween stickers as party favors for kids in your party.

Pumpkin Lollipops: Who will not like pumpkin lollipop in Halloween party? Obviously no one. So you can give pumpkin lollipops as Halloween party favors to your kids guests but this party favor can be given to teens and adults too. You can personalize this gift by wrapping the pumpkin lollipops in best wrapping papers.

For Adults:

Painted Pumpkins: Painted pumpkins will be a best party favor for your Halloween party guests. You may buy painted pumpkins from gift marts or paint them by yourself. Another idea is to ask the guests to paint their own pumpkins as Halloween party game.

Halloween Candles: There are lots of options to buy Halloween themed candles so you can give Halloween candles to your guests as party favors. You can order personalized Halloween candles and wrap them in personalized wrapping papers of different colors.

Photo Frames: What about a photo frame? You can give photo frame to your guests as Halloween party favors. You can give a Halloween themed photo frame by putting a group photo of Halloween party or you can ask your guests to make a family photo when all are properly dressed up.

Homemade Favors: Homemade cookies, cakes or some craft items can also be given as Halloween party favors to your guests. You can decorate homemade cookies, candies and cakes in your own style. Once you have made homemade party favor, wrap them in Halloween themed wrapping papers.

Halloween Recipe Book: If you have some recipes of delicious food especially for Halloween party then you can make recipe book of your recipes and give copies of these books to your guests as party favors.

Halloween Coffee Cups: Personalized coffee cups of Halloween themed will be a good selection to give Halloween party favors. You can decorate the cup at home or buy a readymade Halloween themed cup from market. Another idea is to serve guests with coffee in Halloween themed coffee cups and give those cups as party favors to them.

Pumpkin Seeds: Roasted seeds of pumpkin are considered as best snacks in days of Halloween party. You can make pumpkin seeds snacks at home also. Pack these Halloween snacks in cellophane bags to give as party favors.