8+ Graduation Party Games Ideas

Graduation is a great accomplishment for all graduates and a moment of proud and delight for parents too. It’s the time when students step in the next stage of their lives so it is the right time to celebrate. Graduation party may be thrown by high school management, friends or parents. No matter who organizes the party, games are essential part of a graduation party so here we are going to share best graduation party games ideas that will help you a lot in making your graduation party more fun making for students.

Pin the Mustache on the Teacher

It’s the number one best graduation party game. Take a picture from one of the teachers. Ask the guests to pick picture’s teacher. Take black construction paper and cut out the paper in mustache form. Place a piece of tape on the back of the mustache. Once all is done, start the game by asking the guests to pin the mustache on the teacher’s picture.

Placing Name of Teacher on a Sticky Label

Place names of teachers on sticky labels. When a guest comes in, stick the label on his back. Plan different questions to be asked from all guests and ask them to guess who the teacher is on their back.

Ice Cream Eaters

Another fun graduation party game is the competition of ice cream eaters. Give a cup of ice cream to all participants of this game. Ask the guests to eat all ice cream in their cups with their mouths without using their hands. Eating ice cream is very simple but eating ice cream in new way without using hands is what that will make this game interesting and fun making. The one who will finish the ice cream will be winner of the game and prize will go to the fastest ice cream eater.

Making Self Portraits

Arrange some papers in a corner. Also provide crayons, pencils, pens and plain sheets or paper are placed. Ask the participants of the game to make their own portrait and decorate that portrait in their own style. Every participant will write his name below their picture. Stuck all the pictures on the board and take photographs of this picture and distribute copies of this picture to all guests. Let the guests carry on their pictures with them at the end of the party. This portrait and picture of all portraits will make everlasting memories for all graduates.

Memory Game

This game is what that will make all guests go in past days when they all were in class or on canteen etc and had fun. So ask all your guests to sit in a circle and let them share happy moments they had in college or high school days. Another way to play this game will really make you enjoy your party. Once all guests have shared their memories, start playing this game in real meaning that is to check memory of each guest and the guest with best memory will be the winner of the game. Ask one guest to start the game with one sentence like “I love to drink fresh juice with friends” etc and then the next person will repeat the sentence by adding a new line to this line. Then the next person will repeat two lines without changing words. Who will change the words will be out of game. Last participant will be the winner of the game.

Enjoying Passing the Apple

Make sure to include such games in your graduation party that will include all guests in having fun. Passing the apple will be a good selection to enjoy in your graduation party. First of all divide all guests in two teams to start the game. Ask both teams to stand in circles. Now take two apples and give one apple to each team. When you will say start or play music, the person with apple will have to put apple between his chin and neck and pass it to the other person without using hands. The next person can also not use his hands. This way apple will be passed from one participant to the other. The team which will finish the passing game first will be the winner of the game.

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples is really a fun making game for guests of all ages. Take a water filled tub and some apples to play this game. Spread apples in the tub and ask the players of the game to pick out the apples from the water without using their hands. Yes you got right!!! Only with their mouths, Yeahh!!! To add to the excitement of the game, you can play rocking music in the background and ask all other guests to shout and clap for encouragement of the player.

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