11+ First Birthday Party Ideas

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Is its first birthday of your baby? Have you planned how you are going to celebrate your baby’s birthday? You have a baby boy or a baby girl?  You know you can have lots of options for throwing a birthday party for your baby girl or a baby boy? Here we share some unique ideas to celebrate 1st birthday of a baby girl or a baby boy. Read this post.

First Birthday Ideas for Baby Girls

Are you planning a birthday


 party for your baby girl? You will definitely want to celebrate this birthday as a special day. Another point about first birthday is that it is more a celebration for parents and family members than the baby girl except brightness of colors and cakes. Here is collection of ideas to make first birthday of your baby girl a special one.

    • Guest List: Your girl will surely not have too many friends so you can feel free to invite your friends, colleagues, family members etc.
    • Location: You home is the best location to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.
    • Theme:
If you want to make your baby girl’s birthday more special then you may choose a theme for celebration. Using a princess theme is a best idea. For this theme, buy a crown for your little princess and a dress like a princess. Other cute girly themes include angels, fairies and a doll in pink.
  • Invitation: Creating homemade invitations is a best idea. You may design birthday invitation in computer then take its print outs. If you have little designing skills, you should design it in pink and add your princess’s picture in invitation.
  • Decoration: Pink color should be dominating in all decoration colors. Make the banners in pink colors and use white and pink balloons, pink table cover and napkins etc.
  • Food: Try to order simple food in party. You can order strawberry cake because it is in pink and arrange pick candies as favors. If you want to order cupcakes, you can order in pink.
  • Favors: You may arrange pink candies, pretty dolls, hair pins and soft little toys for children guests.

First Birthday Ideas for Baby Boys

Are you planning a birthday for your baby boy? If yes then you are at right post because here you will get great ideas to throw first birthday party for a baby boy.

  • Location: Usually babies like to play in home as their favorite place so you can arrange birthday party at your home. Selection of location also depends on number of guests you want to invite.
  • Invitation: You can invite any number of guests depending on temperament of your baby. Sometimes babies are afraid of gathering so you better know your son. Well you can invite all your friends and family members because birthdays after this, your son will like to celebrate with his friends. Design invitation card according to selected theme. You can add your son’s picture on invitation card.
  • Decoration: Decorate birthday party venue with blue and white balloons, streamers, soft toys, toy cars etc that may attract children and make them enjoy. You may arrange blue table covers, cushions and napkins etc to compliment the party theme.
  • Activities: Make sure to plan games and activities centered on age group of guest kids like you may arrange a remote car race or arrange game stations for some older children to make them enjoy.
  • Favors: Showing gratitude to your guests who joined you to make your baby’s birthday a special one, you can arrange some birthday party favors. You may arrange bubbly balls, bubbles, beach balls or toy cars for kids in your baby’s birthday and some older children may be given pencils, stickers, cups for drinking etc.
  • Food: Planning two menus for birthday party will be a great idea; one for kids and one for adults. You may order food according to theme. Remember that birthday cake should be in white and blue with one candle in center. It would be at your option whether you arrange food for adults or just serve cake and cold drink to all.

Great Ideas To Make First Birthday Extra Special

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Red & Blue Theme For First Birthday Party

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Outstanding First Birthday Party Ideas

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