12+ Family Reunion Party Themes

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Family reunion party is an occasion of having fun with all family members. This event provides an opportunity to all family members for forgetting their worries and all family members mingle with each other. All relations come closer to each other then go away for any reason. Anyone can arrange family reunion at any time of the year. Planning a family reunion as a themed party will give double fun. So have you planned reunion for your family? If not then follow our family reunion party theme ideas shared below when you think of planning a party at your home:

The Circus Ride

I don’t have seen any person who dislikes circus or have no interest in circus. Have you seen ever? I don’t think so, right? When circus is favorite of all then why don’t you plan your family reunion party as circus themed party? You and your guests will get double fun; one of meeting all and the other for enjoying circus. Well it will not be possible for you to train a lion or elephant to show tricks but still you can create circus like environment by training some characters in your family like circus character for instance a joker or a clown. Arrange colorful dresses for all family members to dress up. You can ask all your guests to prepare circus like skits to show in party at their own. This would make the party fun making and memorable. Design party invitations accordingly.

Extra Terrestrial

Last but not the least family reunion party option is to plan your family reunion as extra terrestrial party. This will surely add an element of fun and excitement to your family reunion. Weird dresses, antennas on your head, colored faces, and different face paint or masks that will look you people came from outer world. Decorate the venue accordingly. An idea for making your own centerpiece is to create your own spacecraft model with the help of all family members. You can plan different creative activities with this spacecraft and have fun. The more you creative, more will be the fun for you.

Hawaiian Luau

If you can’t afford a trip Hawaii then why don’t you make Hawaii at your home? Yess? It’s true, you can do this. How??? Its so simple. Call a family reunion party with Hawaiian Luau theme. This theme will work best if you have a swimming pool or access to swimming pool near you. Arrange party at swimming pool or at some watery place where all your guests can moist themselves and have fun. You don’t need to make lots of decorations if you go with this family reunion party theme.

Special Occasion

“To kill two birds in one stone” is the right proverb that I want to code while talking about this theme idea for family reunion party. Yes one event and two funs. Still you didn’t get?? It means you can call family reunion party on some special family events say Christmas event, birthday, new year, baby shower etc when all your family members will be there to have fun with you. Make all decorations according to the event but don’t forget to include family reunion party games in your party plan.

Safari Reunion Party Theme

This is another adventurer theme to celebrate family reunion party. This theme will be best for you if you and your family members are interested in wild lives. Arrange costumes for the family members according to the theme like black socks, Bermuda shirts and so on. You can use digital cameras to shoot instead of rifles. Your party will be fun making and memorable for all if you select this unique family reunion party theme. You will get lots of options to decorate your party venue and design party invitation according to this theme. Go ahead and enjoy!!!

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