8+ Family Reunion Party Games

Family reunions provide chances to all people to mingle with the all relatives that are invited to family reunion party. Purpose of throwing family reunion party is to call all relatives together and spend some that as they used to spend in past. You can make family reunion party more fun making by planning best entertainment activities and games.  Here we have provided some ideas of family reunion party games that will make your party a memorable one. Follow the ideas shared below:

Vintage party games

This game is best to introduce young children with old games that their parents and their parents used to play when they were kids. You can organize pin the tail on the donkey game and ask all little guests to take part in playing game. Ask your grandparents to make a list of games they played in their time and rules of plying those games. Then speak out those rules to new players and have fun in playing games.

Family Reunion Trivia Game

This family reunion game is very simple and it will be learning experience for younger family members. The organizer of party will ask all guests about their experiences and share their experiences with other guests during party and make a judgment who is the most mysterious guest. New generation will get inspirations from the guests for their life.

The Red Rover Game

This is again very interesting game to be played in family reunion party game. This game is about bumps and bruises. Divide all guests in two teams. Both teams will make their lines by holding hands and stand side-by-side. One person of the team shouts “Red Cover, Red Cover and then calls name of a person in opposing team”. The person whose name is called will run at once and try to break chain of other team. If the person fails to break that hands chain will become part of that team and if he succeeds to break that chain, he will join his team back and take a participant from the opposing team with him. A team will be winner who will get longer line of participants. Both teams will shout name of a participant turn by turn.

Name Game

It is an interesting family reunion party game.  Ask al guests of party one by one to share facts about how they got their names. All guests will enjoy different stories.

Interview Game

It is really fun making family reunion game. Make different teams of two members in each team. Try to pair up people who are least aware of each other. Provide a list of personal questions to each person. Ask each person interview the other person in given time and then talk about their partner to the group.

Story telling sessions

Ask all guests to come closer and serve them with a hot cup of coffee and request a guest to share funny stories of their lives. They can share their funny experiences. A person whose story makes more laughs will be the winner of the game. Each guest will be given 2 minutes to tell his story.

Family tree game

Create a large tree structure on a chart paper to play this game. Paste the family tree on the wall. It would be more interesting to paste face pictures of all family members instead of fruits on the tree. Ask all guests to fill the text box with each picture where they will write relation name.  This will let the new generation know their family as well as this family tree will serve as a memento for your life.

Musical chairs

This is a traditional party game that is played in almost all parties so including it in your family reunion plan will also create feelings of excitement among the guests. Arrange a prize for the winner.

Outdoor Family Reunion Party Games

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Fun Games To Play At Family Reunion Party

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