9+ Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

These are the months of August, September and October that make fall season. Fall season is a lovely season when all the trees put off their leaves and get ready to have new fresh leaves. Actually fall season is a season that will look very beautiful to you if you think about the upcoming season of new flowers. Lots of people love this season to get married but it is a common view point about this season that there is less room for making decorations for a good wedding party. I don’t agree with this opinion. I will prove my opinion true by sharing fall wedding decorations ideas with you that you can happily plan your wedding ceremony in fall season.

You need to consider lots of things while making decorations for the wedding party. Start from the all supplies that you will need to make decorations. You are suggested to read our collection of fall wedding decoration ideas before you go out to buy wedding decoration supplies.

Selection of Theme

Don’t think that fall wedding party themes can be simple only. There are lots of options to select the selection of theme for your wedding party. You may select deep reds, oranges, auburns as main colors for decorations, fall wedding leaves, wine themed decorations etc. Once you select the theme for your wedding party, making all arrangements will become easy for you.

Color Selection

Make sure to select the color scheme according to the colors of fall season. You will have wide range of options to select colors for decorations like yellow, burgundy, brown, leaf green, ivory, purple pump, different orange shades etc. It’s up to you how you select the colors to make best combinations of colors for instance rich brown with pale blue.

A Unique Centerpiece

You must be aware of the fact that nuts and fruits are the main part of the fall season so a best idea to make fall decorations is to hang baskets with flowers and nuts and fruits of fall season. You may place this centerpiece on the table or hang it from ceiling. You can also use fall leaves, corn stalks, fall flowers, and pumpkins to make centerpieces for all tables.

Archway Decoration

Decorating archway is considered as an essential task. Usually flower petals are used to spread on the archway so in fall season, to fit with the theme, you can use readymade archway, weave the wheat, corn stalks, fall flowers, fall colored tulle etc. You can use fall leaves in an aesthetic way to add colors to your decorations.

Cake Decorations

Wedding cake decoration is considered as an ultimate point of attraction for all guests so heed proper attention to decorate your wedding cake. Get samples of best fall wedding themed cake toppers and go with a chocolate pastry cake as its color matches with the fall season. You can ask the cake baker to decorate it with Halloween theme as the next event in fall season may be the Halloween. You can make cake topper using faux leaves in colors of orange, red and yellow.

These were some ideas for decorating the wedding party in fall season. If you don’t like colors as orange and yellow for decorations then still there is an option to decorate your wedding party in fresh spring themed colors by using artificial flowers and colored tulle. But you are suggested to enjoy the warm feelings of fall by making decorations according to the season.

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