9+ Engagement Party Ideas

Here is a collection of tips to plan an engagement party in perfect way. These ideas will help you to celebrate engagement party of you or your beloved one in fabulous way. Follow these tips to make your engagement party a successful one.

Try to Keep the Party Simple

This rule will help you saving money and throwing a party as full package of entertainment. If you plan a complex party and look busy and stressed on engagement day, then none of your guests will enjoy the party so try to keep the party simple and let you free to enjoy with your guests.

Ask for Suggestions from a Newly Engaged Couple

You can meet a newly engaged couple and ask them for ideas to plan your engagement party. Once you take notes of ideas, you can add new touch to their ideas by shaking your minds. Venue

Where you want to throw your engagement party is of greater importance. All arrangements will be made according to size and nature of venue for instance if you are planning a party at beach side then all arrangements will be different from a formal party in a wedding hall.

Make a Guest List and Send Invitations

Who will be your guests? Getting answer of this question is must to make all other party arrangements like booking venue, ordering food, sending invitations, arranging party favors etc. All these arrangements will be made when you will have clear idea of your guests like their ages, taste, number of guests etc so make a guest list first of all before you make rest of the arrangements.


Entertainment is the key arrangement of a party whether it is an engagement party or a success party. Make all arrangements for entertaining your guests. These entertaining arrangements can include music, dance lights, games etc. Plan in advance for the games you will enjoy with your guests. Some traditional games are associated with the engagement party so including themes games in your list will work good. Further you can hire a professional DJ to play music and organize a dance competition among your guests to have fun and make the time really enjoyable. A friend of you can also serve as a DJ. Song selection should be made according to the selected theme.


Well it is at your option. You may order meal for your guests or arrange a little refreshment for guests like sandwiches, sausages, drinks, chocolates etc. Make sure you will please your guests with tasty food whatever the menu is.

Party Decorations

Select best theme for your party and make all decorations according to selected theme. You may tend to give a retro 40’s or 50’s look to your party or enjoy it as a tea party with friends. Lots of other ideas are there to select a best theme for your engagement party. Make all arrangements accordingly. Don’t forget to consider decorating key areas of party venue like entrance, seating, centerpiece, stage, stair railings, ceilings, dance hall etc. Themed confetti will also add a colorful touch to your engagement party. Confetti options may include one colored rose petals, multi colored rose petals, paper confetti and so on. Don’t forget to use candles and tulle in decorations to give a romantic touch to party environment.

Engagement Party Favors

Giving engagement party favors is not an essential but if you arrange, it will surely please all your guests and they will remember your graduation party. You can arrange different personalized gifts like chocolates, candy boxes, scented soaps etc for your close friends.

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