16+ Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement is a very special and emotional event for a person who is getting engaged. This special moment is celebrated with all family members, relatives and friends to get their best wishes for future. All people give gifts to engagement couple. It is always exciting to attend an engagement party and also somewhat confusing about deciding what to give to the engagement couple. Are you looking for some ideas to give gifts to some engagement couple? If yes then you are at right post. Here you will get lots of ideas for deciding what to give to your friend on his or her engagement. We have compiled these engagement gift ideas in two sets; one set for engagement gift ideas for her and the other of engagement gift ideas for Him. So read the ideas shared below.

For Her:

Wedding Planner Journal: Planning a wedding party is very exciting. Bride-to-be needs some guide to plan her wedding in organized way so you can give her a wedding planner journal in which she will record all ideas what she will gather before her wedding. This is going to be perfect engagement party gift for her.

engagement gift idea 1

Wedding Countdown Clock: Time countdown starts right after getting engaged so you can gift a wedding countdown clock or a calendar to the bride-to-be.

engagement gift idea 2

Romantic Showpieces: A romantic showpiece from you will remind her the engagement day. You may give her a showpiece in which couple is kissing, Heart shaped gift, heart shaped photo frame, spells like “LOVE” etc.

engagement gift idea 3

Spa Gift Basket: Spa gift is a perfect gift for a girl on her engagement. As she is going to get wed now so she should take much care of her. Your spa gift basket will let her take a start. You may include few or all items if spa kit in your spa gift basket. Main items include bath pillow, body scrub, bath salts, spa stones, relaxation music CD, shower gel etc. You may give all or any of these.

engagement gift idea 4

Beauty Tips Book: If you think spa gift basket as expensive then this gift idea will be best for you. You may buy a beauty tips book for the engagement girl that will help her in self grooming after engagement.

engagement gift idea 5

Recipe Book: Another idea is to give a recipe book as an engagement gift. You may select a book in which the girl will get delicious food recipes.

engagement gift idea 6

Jewelry or Jewelry Box: Girls are always crazy for jewelry no matter how much they already have so this gift idea is sure to please the engagement girl. You may give her a heart shaped pendant, ring, bracelet or a complete jewelry box.

engagement gift idea 7

Photo Album: A photo album is also best gift for a girl on her engagement day. You may give her this gift with a wish card on the photo album with an advice to put all her engagement pictures in this photo album.

engagement gift idea 8

Clothing: Another best option is to give some dress in gift. You can give her beautiful beachwear, some party dress, stylish leather tote etc.

engagement gift idea 9

For Him:

Wrist Watch: It becomes very hard to decide engagement gift for a man. This option will make your confusion easy so you can give a branded wrist watch to the engagement boy. It depends on you whether you select silver plated or a golden plated watch for him.

engagement gift idea 10

Cufflinks: Giving cufflinks as a gift on engagement couple will be great idea. There will be lots of options for you to select cufflinks as golden plated, silver plated or diamond cufflinks etc.

engagement gift idea 11

Cell Phone: Select a cell phone with different features and design for him on his engagement party. Couples can especially use this gift idea for an engagement couple.

engagement gift idea 12

Music CDs: If the engaged man is lover of music then this gift idea is perfect for you. You may give him one or a set of music CDs of latest songs.

engagement gift idea 13

Scent or Perfume: A perfume or a bottle of scent is a perfect romantic gift on the event of engagement. It would be great if you know his choice in selecting perfume.

engagement gift idea 14

A bottle of Whisky: A bottle of whisky will be a great gift on engagement day for an engagement couple. You can personalize this gift by wrapping the whisky bottle in homemade wrapping paper.

engagement gift idea 17

Wedding Planning Guide: Wedding planning guide is perfect for the man-to-be wed. So select best wedding planner.

engagement gift idea 16

These were some ideas to select best engagement party gifts.