8+ Decoration Ideas for Class Reunion

Attending a class reunion means that you are going to live a day refreshing all your memories of school life. It is always exciting to get an invitation for class reunion. Same excitement is there in making arrangements for class reunion. Class reunion party arrangements will include deciding day, time, party venue, party theme, games and decorating the party venue. Class reunion is the party to meet all old classmates and refresh memories of special events of class life so all decorations should be made according to the days you had in class. Try to refresh lots of memories of past life by decorating the party venue creatively. Before you decorate the party venue, you should recall your past and find what was liked by students when you did graduation. Here we are going to share some party decoration ideas that will make your guests have fun and enjoy the past also. Follow these ideas to decorate your class reunion party:

  • Spread lots of balloons and streamers on the entrance of the party venue. Select the balloons’ colors that match your school color for instance if your school colors were white and green then you should use balloons of green and white colors. Stick to the colors that match your class reunion party theme.
  • Spare a corner with tables and centerpieces on them with yearbooks on tables. Try to keep the area well organized because people will come there at same time and there will be crown. You can decorate this corner by using trophies of different classes along with uniforms of all students and special uniforms of sports team to make people remember all and have fun.
  • You can create class reunion party banner with class year written in bold letters on the banner. Further hang bunches of balloons on both sides of the banner.
  • Create huge sized photographs and newspaper clippings to make the environment fit for class reunion. You can take pictures from old class yearbooks for this purpose. Paste these photographs on the wall near the yearbook tables.
  • A great class reunion party decoration idea is to make arrangements for then and now game. You may place pictures of students of school time and current pictures together. Ask your classmates to send their current pictures well before the time. To refresh special memories, you can highlight pictures of senior class president, prom king and queen, pictures of favorite teachers along with little captions about these people with each picture.
  • Cut the numbers of class year out of cardboard or chart paper and color then with bright colors. Once you have prepared the numbers, paste the numbers on the wall. You may place this year on every wall of the party venue.
  • Another idea is to get number shaped balloons to be hanged with ceiling.
  • Now come to decorate center table with a beautiful party themed centerpiece. You may prepare a handcraft item to be used as a centerpiece or buy a readymade centerpiece. A best centerpiece will be the graduation hat. You may make a graduation hat with chart paper and place it in the center of each table.
  • Another idea is to place some books on each table as a centerpiece. This will make all classmates remember boring days of college or school. You may make each centerpiece different by using different creative ideas. Another idea is to place trophy on each table or a framed group photo of all classmates or class teachers.
  • You may design beautiful names tags for all classmates. Paste these name tags on the back of each attendee so that it may become easier for all to find their friends.

Class reunion party is special for all attendees so the party venue must be decorated in a way that all attendees may like your decorations.

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The ideas shared above will help you make your class reunion party special and memorable one.