Company Christmas Party Ideas

Making arrangements for a company Christmas party can be a daunting esp. for the organizer of the party because people of different tastes and preferences will attend the party. So what’s up? Have you been held responsible for organizing a Company Christmas party? If yes then you don’t need to be worried as we have worked on your behalf in advance so you just need to read this post containing Company Christmas party ideas and implement these ideas to plan your party.

Select the Best Venue

You are suggested to decide the venue at first before you make all other arrangements. Make sure to look for the best location to organize a splendid Company Christmas party. You will get numerous options to select from while keeping with the budgetary limits. You need to consider different factors while deciding the party venue like accommodation of all guests, sound systems, seating arrangements and other facilities. Also think about the menu arrangement at the same time when you decide the venue whether that place come with food or you will need to hire a catering service in separate. Some venue options include:

  • Restaurant
  • Function room of any hotel
  • Ballrooms
  • Some Pool Side
  • Beach or any Resort
  • Garden Area
  • Mountain Resorts

Select a Best Party Theme

A Christmas party without a theme will not give ultimate fun and fine touch to your party so decide what party theme you will go with. You will determine attire for guests and other activities too if you have selected a specific party theme. Here you are provided with a short list of Christmas party themes that can be used in corporate parties so you can select any of these themes or definitely come up with your own ideas:

  • Silly Hat Party
  • Masks Party
  • Prince and Princess Party Theme
  • Hawaiian Luau
  • Formal Dinner Party
  • Christmas Halloween Theme
  • Pirates and Gypsies
  • Wacky Party Theme

Plan Games and other Fun Activities

No party is complete without fun making activities and some event related games so plan what games you are going to play in your Company Christmas party. Make sure that the games ideas should align with your selected party theme. It is not a must that you play same traditional Christmas party games but with some creativity, you can introduce new Christmas versions of other games by adding fewer fun elements in them for instance pass the message, apple bobbing, musical chairs etc.

Awards Distribution

You can take double fun from this party by combining this Christmas party with some award distribution ceremony that is still pending. Keep it as a surprise and ask all guests to come closer for the awards distribution announcements.  Some party related awards can also be introduced for employee’s encouragement like:

  • Best Costume Award
  • Early Bird Award
  • Couple of the Party Award
  • Best Performance Award
  • Others

Other Activities

You can plan some other fun making activities that may align your party theme like swimming competition, dancing in room party theme etc. Don’t forget to have a photo shoot of all games and at the end of the party for memories. You can invite other employees too for making party arrangements with you. Enjoy this party and rock!!!