10+ College Graduation Party Ideas

College graduation party is somewhat more mature party so you need to think unique ideas to make your graduation party exciting one for all guests. Here we are going to share some unique ideas to throw a college graduation party.

Selection of Theme

First of all select a party theme before you make any other arrangement. Make sure to consider interest of all graduates. You can consider graduates’ hobbies, sports, career, activities etc for deciding the party theme. Most commonly select graduation party themes include Alma Mater, careers, housewarming, reunions, vacations etc.

Budget Planning

Always make a budget before you make all arrangements. Consider size of venue, expenses for the decorations and menu estimate while planning your budget. Determine how much you can afford for this party to prevent over expense. Once you plan your budget, make sure to stick to the budget for making all arrangements.

Selection of Venue

Consider what size must be of the venue where you are thinking to organize your party. Size of venue will depend on the number of guests. You can arrange graduation party at gallery, restaurants, hotels, clubs, museums and homes. Select the best venue for your party to make the guests feel comfortable and enjoy.

Preparing a Guest List

It will be pleasing for guests to see old or childhood friends to make a guest list before time so that you may send invitations to all guests. Making a guest list is also important with respect to making other party arrangements because when you will know how many guests are about to attend your party, you will be sure to have idea about food and other arrangements.

Send Invitations

Before you make rest of the arrangements, make sure to send graduation party invitation to all guests so that they may also get enough time to plan how they will attend your graduation party. Design of graduation party invitation should be made according to the selected party theme. If you have decided any dress code, then don’t forget to mention that dress code in invitation. Provide necessary information about the party also.


Now come to decorate the party venue. You can get lots of party supplies according to different themes from stationary stores but it will be more creative to invite other graduates to take part in venue decoration. Design banners and posters for the party with best wishes for the future. Lights or balloons can also be used in decorations.

Menu Selection

You need to be very very very careful for menu selection and taste of food. You can call a caterer to cook food at your venue for all guests or you can order food from a restaurant on the party day. Usually burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs and pizzas are liked the most in parties. Drink that you will serve in party should be wine to toast.

Fun Activities

You can enjoy lots of activities and games in graduation party like talking, dancing, watching movies etc. Some games that can add fun and excitement to your graduation party include; pin the mustache on the teacher, ice cream eating competition, self portraits game, memory game, passing apple game, apple bobbing game etc.

Here Are Some Ideas To Decorate Venue And Overall College Graduation Party

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Unique College Graduation Party Idea

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Floral Theme For College Graduation Party

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