12+ Class Reunion Party Themes

Reunions are great to have fun and an opportunity to meet people who have gone far from each other. All guests are invited for a party and lots of fun making activities are planned to make this party memorable and enjoyable for all. You can plan a unique reunion party by planning a themed party. When you think to organize your party according to a specific theme, it will become easier for you to make all party arrangements. Here we are going to share some class reunion party theme ideas that will help you to make a unique and successful class reunion party. Read the ideas shared below:

Luau Reunion Party Theme

If you wish to enjoy a class reunion at Hawaii but can’t afford it then this party plan will be best for you. You may plan a reunion party at your home or some other place and decorate the party venue like a tea party and enjoy some beach-themed music to have fun. Party games will actually make you enjoy the reunion.

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Graduation Party Theme

Everyone will appreciate your class reunion party theme if you plan a graduation themed class reunion. You may ask your guests to wear black robes and caps. You can also arrange a stall of robes and hats for all guests at discount and offer them to buy from you. You may arrange turning to school certificates as tickets of party. You can sale these certificates for some money that will be given as charity to the school. You can call a professional DJ to play this music during the party and ask him to play class song at the end of the party when all guests will meet and wish good luck to each other. Don’t forget to decorate the party venue according to a graduate party.

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Olympics-Style Reunion Party Theme

Another very interesting class reunion party theme is to plan a party in Olympic style. For this you may assign different colors to your guests for their dresses that will make teams different from each other and arrange different games as competition among teams. Give some time to all team members to know each other for better coordination. Once they develop little friendship among them start playing games. Arrange prizes for winners of different games. Don’t forget to take captains of each team and a group photo of all team members.

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Then and Now Theme

Another interesting theme for throwing a class reunion party is then and now theme. For this you will have to do some work well before the party day by asking all your guests to send you their pictures of different ages. Once you get pictures of all guests, make a yearbook by pasting pictures of past and present. When all your guests will walk around, they will find it easier to recognize their classmates. If you want to play a game with the yearbook, you may prepare a new yearbook with current pictures only and ask guests to guess who is their closest friend?

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Charitable Cause Reunion Party Theme

A class reunion can be more than just an opportunity to meet old classmates if you go with this class reunion party theme. Invite your classmates to a reunion party and make contributions to your charitable campaign. You can plan such games or entry tickets like some certificates for some money that will be charity from the guests. You can also ask guests to bring some items as charity like dresses, bed sheets, canned food etc.  Other fun making activities will be same that will make your party fun making.

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Retro Party Theme

Retro party theme will also work great for your class reunion party. According to this theme, guests will be transported to old classes. To add more fun to the party, you can ask all your guests to dress up in the dresses of their era. It will be amazing to think of bellbottoms, tie, dyed t-shirts, large sunglasses, capris etc all around. Don’t forget to make decorate the venue according to the party theme. Make other arrangements according to the theme.

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