Class Reunion Party Gift Ideas

Class reunions are best events to meet old class mates and refresh memories of class days. How excited it would be if you receive a class reunion party invitation. Wouldn’t it be? Obviously yes…  It is always exciting to attend a class reunion party but another thing that will make you confused is to decide what to give as gift to your classmates who are also invited in class reunion. Here we share some class reunion party gift ideas that you can use to buy a gift for your friend whom you are going to meet after so long. See the ideas shared below:

Fruit Baskets

Fruits are always there if you don’t get any option to give party gift to your friend. You can get huge variety of fruits basket for any occasion then why don’t on class reunion party. You may select simple fruit baskets and select fruits that you think will be favorite of your friend for whom you are planning this gift. This gift idea is the best if you have lost touch with your friends for so long.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers are always placed at the top of list when list of gift ideas are prepared and this is the best for class reunion party also. You may give Peruvian Lilies, Red Roses, Tulips, Orchid flowers in combination with red roses etc. You may give single rose with long stem to your beloved friend or a flower bouquet of flowers that match your school colors.


Another class reunion party gift idea is to select best fragrances for friends. You can go for the fragrances that you and your friends used in class days. This will surely make your friends recognize you even without you tell your name. You can also select a perfume that your most favorite teacher used or a perfume that your strict teacher used. It will be really fun making to remember old moments.

Gift Cards

You will get several options to select gifts for your classmates on the event of class reunion party. This gift option will be best for you if you find it difficult to select gift for your friend. You can purchase gift cards from a shopping mall or a supply store near you. You can get ready made cards from market to be used as gift cards or design gift card by yourself. You can get ideas for designing gift cards from sample gift cards available on internet.

Sweet Gifts

Customized gifts are always appreciated whatever the event is so you can use this gift idea on class reunion party also. You may make gift basket with candies, lollipops, baked cookies etc. You may bake cookies by writing class year and wrap them in personalized wrapping paper along with a disposable tray.

Music CDs

This gift idea is going to be wao and make your classmate feel that you still remember class days. Search songs from internet that you used to listen in class with your friends and make CD of all these songs.

These were some ideas for selecting gift for class reunion party.