7+ Class Reunion Party Favors

Everyone of us miss the time that we had in our school, that was the time of less responsibilities, no tensions, more fun and fun in everything. Don’t you miss? It is obvious that many times it comes to the mind how can I turn the time back and again have fun of school life but it seems impossible. There is one way that you can follow to have a day of school life again. Yes it is class reunion party. You may organize a class reunion party, invite all old classmates, plan different activities, meet friends, enjoy class reunion party games and so on. There are so many ways to plan a class reunion party because you can follow different party themes and have unique parties.

Whatever the party theme you think to use for planning your class reunion party, one thing that must be given importance is the fun at party and making the party memorable for all classmates. You can make the class reunion party a memorable gathering for all by arranging best class reunion party favors for your guests. What you can give as best class reunion party favors will become clear to you by the ideas shared below:

Class Reunion Party Favors 

  • A photo of class reunion will defeat all other class reunion party favors. You may take pictures of all classmates and make new identity cards of them. You may provide them these ID cards within few days after class reunion party.
  • If you have any interest in crafts then you can use your creativity to make class reunion party favors. You can prepare homemade bracelets, chains, necklaces etc. You can personalize your creation by using colors of your school.
  • The best class reunion party favor is to buy lots of CDs with class songs. It means the songs that were hit in your times. You can download universal songs from internet and make CDs of all these songs. Whenever the guests will listen that music, they will remember the class reunion party.
  • Key chains have always been considered as best option for party favors. To make it a perfect class reunion party favor, you may get key chains with class year or school name engraved on them. You can wrap these party favors in nice packing before giving.
  • Attires will be best party favor for your class reunion party. You can get colorful t-shirts with class year and year of reunion printed on them. School name can also be printed on the shirt. It will please all guests to have such gifts.
  • A DVD containing all old school pictures and videos of school functions will be a great class reunion party favor. You may add universal class music in the background when pictures will be played in DVD.
  • Pens with the school name engraved on them will be best party favor for your class reunion party. Wrap the pens in best wrapper paper and make a ribbon knot on them for giving special look to your party favor.
  • Another great class reunion party favor idea is to give personalized coffee mugs to your classmates. You may buy coffee mugs with a class year printed on them. You can get the text printed on the mugs according to your choice. You may write happy class reunion on the mugs with class year under the text.
  • You may get copies of old school group photos and give then with nice photo frames to all classmates as a party favor from you.

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These were some specific class reunion party favors that you can give to your party guests.