Christmas Party Games

Christmas holiday brings the best time and opportunity for all to get gather with close ones and have fun by enjoying Christmas parties and playing different Christmas party games. You need to be creative for organizing a fun making Christmas party. You can make your Christmas party more enjoyable by including fun making games in your party. Games always boost up fun spirit that is why games are considered as essential part of any party. Games are liked by everyone whether he is a child, teen, young or an adult.

Burst the Snow Ball

Have some white balloons and a basket to play this game with kids’ guests in your Christmas party. Blow a number of white balloons and place them in one corner of the party hall. Make two teams of equal number of participants in each team. Ask the teams to stand in other corner of the hall. Ask them to run across the room to the balloons basket. Each child will reach the basket, pick up a balloon and run back to its position and burst the balloon and again run back to the basket. The maximum balloons a team bursts will be the winner of the game.

Blow the Christmas Candle

Take a big candle, table and a piece of cloth to tie the eye of kids to play this game. Burn the candle and tie the kid’s eyes with a piece of cloth. Place the candle on a table at some distance from the child and ask him to blow the candle off. Other children standing at a side can guide him about the direction where he should go to get the candle. Assign maximum five minutes to each participant of the game to blow the candle. The kid who does it within the allotted time will be the winner of the game.

Christmas Memory Game

This game is very interesting. Take different Christmas party supplies and arrange them in a tray in a way that all items are visible. Make sure that no item is repeated. Now provide a copy and pencil to all guests and ask them all to sit in a line. They have to note down names of all items they see in the tray. Once you show the tray to them, you will hide the tray and give 1 minute to all for writing the name. Now check whose memory is the fastest. A guest who writes names of all items will be the winner of the game.

Christmas Musical Games

You can try different games as musical games. Here is information about few of musical games that can be really fun making:

  • Guess the Tune: This game is basically for adults but all guests who love music will surely enjoy this game. Make CDs of Christmas songs with music only and play them in this game by asking the guests to guess the tune. The guest who guesses maximum tunes will be the winner of the game.
  • Guess the Song: This game is similar to guess the tune. Play any song for 5 seconds maximum and ask the guests to make guess which the song is they just listened now.
  • Freeze Dance: This game is really very exciting for kids guests. You may play a song and ask all guests to dance in free mood. When the music is off, all guests have to get frozen in poses they were dancing. It is very fun making to see the kids in different funny poses. The child who will change his pose will be out of the game. Again song will be played and one or more player will be out of game. There will be one winner left at the end of the game.

Gift Wrapping Race

Arrange so many wrapping papers, scissors, tape and boxes for all teams. Divide all children guests in four teams. You can give different names to each time like Santa team, Snowman team etc. Give a wrapped gift box to each team and explain games rules to all of them. Place tables and all wrapping items on tables at some distance from game participants. You can hang a banner to specify the area like gift wrap station. When the game starting signal will be given, a participant from each team will run to the gift wrap station, unwrap the gift box, wrap it again and run back to his position. He will then label another participant from his team to run and do the same. The team whose all members will unwrap and wrap the gift box first of all will be the winner of the game.

Pass the Bows Game

Make different teams of all guests to play this game. You may make 5 to ten teams and ask them to sit or stand in lines. The more the guests play this game, more will be the fun and excitement. The person who acts as a game organizer will explain rules of the game.  Place a table on one end of each team line with Christmas bows on each table and a table on the next end too on which guests will place the bows. Ask each player to hold the right wrist of the player standing to their right. They have to do this with their left hands. Once this setting is made. Ask the players to start the game after receiving signal. When the music will start, player at the end of the line will pick the bows and start passing the bows to the next player of their line. Thus they have to pass all bows to the other ends of the lines. Once they are done, they will pass back the bows to the original position. The team who completes this challenge without the bow falls will be the winner of the game.

It is hoped that the Christmas party games ideas will be liked by you.