8+ Bridal Shower Party Themes

There are lots of ways to celebrate a bridal shower party. Select a different party theme and enjoy a different environment. Here you are provided with bridal shower party theme ideas that will surely make your party special and unique. Read this post and select best theme for your bridal shower party:

Around the Clock Baby Shower Party Theme

This party theme is very interesting. As its name shows, around the clock themed bridal shower party will cover the whole day so ask all the guests to bring gifts according to different hours of the day assigned to them for instance if a guest is assigned the time of “9:45 AM”, he/she will bring breakfast. Encourage guests to bring creative gifts like an alarm clock can also be best gift for morning hours. Guess what a guest will bring who will be assigned night time. Well some ideas can go great like night dresses, candles, flowers etc. It sounds very exciting to receive such gifts.

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Travelling or Going Honeymoon Theme

This theme is great bride who has always dreamed of going on Honeymoon. So to make the environment best for bridal shower party, you can ask all guests to bring gifts that the wedded couple will need to go for Honeymoon. Some gift ideas include suitcase, beach towel, sun glasses, trip shoes etc. You can hang honeymoon posters on the walls to make the environment fit for this theme.

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Spa Treatment Party Theme

This party theme is best suitable to throw a bridal shower party. This party theme will surely please the bride-to-be who loves to pamper herself and usually she doesn’t get time to do so in routine. This is the time when a bride-to-be needs special care so plan to give her in company of all her friends and relatives. You may arrange body massage, facial etc for bride and little beauty treatments for all guests too. You can book a spa saloon for the party or arrange a spa at your own home. Hire some professionals to give this beauty treatment or do it yourself by training some of your friends to assist you.

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Fun Message Bridal Shower Party Theme

This party theme is best for celebrating a bridal shower party theme. Guests can bring variety of gifts if you choose this party theme. For this party theme, select a word and design a banner using that word. Now give one alphabet of the word to each guest and ask the guests to attend the party with the gifts starting from the alphabet assigned to them.

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Tea Party Theme

Celebrating a tea party is a great way to get people come close to each other and have fun time. You are suggested to use good china instead of disposables. You can arrange heart shaped sandwiches and decorate the party venue with lots of flowers to make this party special.

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Other than all bridal shower party themes discussed above, you can plan a simple and decent bridal shower party theme like regular parties with simple menu and formal decorations. Such themes may include Casino bridal shower party theme, Disco theme, Luau theme etc. Any theme can make your party special if you think little creatively to involve all your guests in having fun.