8+ Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Bridal party is celebrated before wedding day which is very special for the bride-to-be as it provides a golden chance to the bride to live her past life and upcoming life also in one day with all friends.  Basically this party was thrown to help the bride-to-be making her mind to play new roles of life but with the passage of time, element of fun and excitement was added to this concept. Generally girlfriends and family, relatives and neighbors are invited for the party. As this party is very special for the bride so special arrangements should be made for hosting this party. Here are some ideas that will help you in making arrangements for the bridal shower party:


Decide who will be the host of the party and who will be the guests. The host will make all arrangements for the party and the bride-to-be will be surprised and pleased to have this party arranged for her. Make a guest list including names of female friends of both bride and groom and relatives and friends will also be invited.

When: Bridal shower party may be arranged one week before the wedding day so that the bride and their relatives may get time to attend your party. Decide date and time for the party that will convenient to all. You can plan this party even one month before the wedding day.

Where: Venue for the bridal shower party should not be an expensive place. You can plan this party in your own hall, backyard or plan an outdoor bridal shower party.

Theme: Best bridal shower party themes include room theme, holiday season, around the clock theme, bed and breakfast theme, Honeymoon theme, spa and beauty treatment theme, recipe bridal shower theme, activity party theme, fun message bridal shower party theme, tea party theme, wedding color or birth stone theme etc. Any of these themes will work best. One thing for selection of theme for any party is to consider the interest of the guest of owner. Here you have to care for bride-to-be.


All decorations will be made according to the selected party theme. Well flowers, candles, balloons, fabric can be main elements used for making all decorations. Give attention to the entrance, where the bride-to-be will sit and the dance floor for making all decorations. A table for gifts should also be decorated accordingly. You can plan this party as a Valentine’s Day party mean red and white decorations.


What to serve to guests of the party is also very important. This celebration will not be complete without cutting a cake. When you think about cake, don’t forget to think about cake topper. Make sure that it matches the party theme. Another thing you must consider is the size of the cake whether it will be enough for all guests or not. Arrange some yummy dips and sauces other than cake. You can add finger food, sandwiches and other sausages in your menu.


Real fun of this party is in playing games. So plan what games you will play with your partners. Here are names of some bridal shower party games that you can play with the bride-to-be and all guests:

  • Bridal shower bingo
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Fold over
  • Words of wisdom
  • Life thread
  • Power pop
  • Making memories
  • Happiness Recipe
  • Word chain

Simple Bridal Shower Theme

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Vintage Bridal Shower Theme

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Floral Bridal Shower

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