7+ Bridal Shower Party Games

Are you looking for ideas to entertain your guests in bridal shower party? Whatever the theme you have selected, try one of the game ideas shared below:

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Ask people to make different teams of three or more members to play this game. All teams will be given rolls of toilet papers. Give teams about 20 or 15 minutes to create wedding dress on one of their partner using toilet papers. All guests will vote for the best wedding dress at the end of the game and the winner team will be given prize.

Two Truths and a Lie

Everyone will introduce herself to all guests and share two truths and one lie about them. The audience will have to guess which one is a lie. The guest with right answer will get a chance to come on the stage and have dance with the bride-to-be or she will be given a prize.

Bridal Shower Bingo Game

This game has got so much fame among people that a bridal shower party without this game is considered as incomplete. This bridal shower party game grabs interests of all guests when gifts are opened. Make some bingo cards and arrange markers and some prizes for the winners to play this game. Make a blank bingo board. Pass the blank bingo cards among the guests and ask them to make guesses about what gifts the bride-to-be will get in bridal shower party. Don’t forget to ask the guests for writing their names on the bottom of the bingo cards. When the gifts will be opened, game winner will be declared and prize will be given to the winner.

Making Memories

A bridal shower party should give best memories to the bride-to-be for her whole life so plan such activities that will really do this job. When all guests will be involved in the party activities, there will be lots of memories for the bride. Arrange photo album pages, scissors, magazines, markers and some pictures of the bride and groom both to play this game. Ask all guests to make different teams to play this game. Give a photo album page, a scissors and some magazines to each group of participants of the game. Assign a topic to each group that will pertain to the couple like dates, honeymoon, future, careers, hobbies etc. Guests have to cut pictures matching with the topics assigned to them and make patch work using couple’s pictures and the pictures cut from magazines. When everyone will finish their work, make a photo album by putting all pages together and pass the final photo album around. An award can be given to the most funniest and creative work.

Treasure Hunt

This game will involve all guests of party in having fun. Ask all guests to put their purses on their own laps. Speak out an item’s name and ask all guests to find if that item is in their purses. Give 25 seconds for this search. The guest who brings that item first of all will be the first winner. Now call the name of second item. You can carry on this game according to number of prizes you have arranged. Distribute prized with big round of applause and cheers from all guests.

Words of Wisdom

This party game idea will be great for sentimental crowd. Make plenty of blank cards to be sent to along with invitations. Write a note on invitation card for some words of wisdom to be written on the blank card like advice for happy wedded life.  Variety of words of wisdom, encouragement, best wishes will really please the bride-to-be. This sounds quite simple then what’s the fun in this game?

Yeahhh!! There is fun that was not clear to you till now. Ask the bride to read the words of wisdom loudly when all guests are sitting. Make fun of the bride-to-be with the suggestions from the guests.

Wedding Night Preview

This game will surely give you a great laugh and a chance of having fun with all friends. When the bride-to-be will open her gifts, assign a friend the duty of taking notes of exclamations of bride. Remember that the real fun is in writing the exclamations secretly. When the bride finishes opening the gifts, read the comments of bride in front of all guests.  You can give new touch to this party game as asking different questions from the bride-to-be about her first night with her husband and have fun with the answers of bride.

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