7+ Bachelor Party Games

If you are planning a bachelor party then one of the most memorable parts of your party will be the games you plan for your guests. There are lots of bachelor party games that you can play. Make sure to keep the temperament of groom in mind before you select games for the party. Here is a collection of ideas to play bachelor party games.

Never Say a Word

This game is very interesting. You can play this game from starting the party till end. Ask the groom-to-be to tell a word or words to all guests that are not allowed to be stated during the party. These words can include bachelor party, stripper, swear word, bride, bride’s name etc. The guest who is caught using the forbidden words will have to pay the penalty suggested by the groom-to-be or organizer of the party.

Scavenger Hunt

Ask the guests to write names of some activities that the groom will have to do. Its up to you how creatively you and your guests plan fun activities for the groom. Here is a list of such fun activities. You can plan your own or select from these:

  • Kiss a girl in the party whose name is same as that of bride-to-be
  • Ask a girl to give you drink
  • Groom has to get underwear of a woman
  • Groom has to get a tampon from a girl in the party

Pin the Boobs on the Babe

This game is best to be played in bachelor party. Arrange lots of cardboard boobs and a woman poster of large size. Play some exciting music in background. Ask all guests to come close and try pinning the boobs on the babe turn by turn. Who pins the boobs on exact position will be the winner of the game. He may be given a drink as a prize. You can make cardboard boobs by yourself or buy this game kit from market. You can order this kit online too.

Drinking Game

Get buzzed at your bachelor party by playing this game. You can add creative twists to your game like ask 3 men to come on the stage and put drinks before them. Give 1 minute for drinking. Who will drink maximum will be the winner of the game.

Card Game

If you are not going somewhere for the party, you can play this card game by having a deck of cards for you. You can get super model cards for having fun. The winner of the game will be given a prize.

Game of Pocker

You can play this game by putting real money for bets. You may plan funny bets to have fun.

Truth or Dare

This game is best to embarrass the groom-to-be by asking different questions that the groom will never expect. If done in right way, it can really break the ice and bring all friends closer.

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