14+ Baby Shower Party Themes

Are you thinking you have your baby shower organized with a proper theme? Have you got any idea about baby shower party theme that suits your style? If still you haven’t got theme ideas then check our baby shower theme ideas. We are sure that you will like these ideas to select best theme for your baby shower party.

Enjoy a Tea Party

You can enjoy a tea party themed baby shower party whether you are going to have first baby or a third one. You can arrange fresh flower centerpieces for tables. Arrange teapots, plates, cups for each table. You can go with any animal like party theme as teddy bear theme, duck theme etc. You can get such themed crockery sets from market. Start your menu from assorted tea, scones etc and add turkey, fresh fruit slices, fresh salad etc. People will surely enjoy this party theme. You can play different baby shower party games to have fun and make the baby shower party a memorable one.

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Have Baby Brunch

You can throw a party as baby brunch for your friends. Try to enjoy traditional games and favors. Food items you select can include non alcoholic, cocktails with fruits, quiches, cakes etc. You can use white linen and silver set to make the environment really classic.

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Star of the Show

Make a cake with a topper like a star on the walk of fame on media and ask him to say some words like “a star will be born” or a baby’s name if you have already decided it. You may lay a red carpet on the entrance and each guest will enter like a star walking of fame and he will speak words like that.

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Nine Months Pregnant

Heeyyy!!! It sounds somewhat shy but really enjoyable. You may ask all guests to come as nine months pregnant either by using balloons or by using pillows or cushions. Even the men can also stuff their shirts like moms to be. Its just fun and fun. Once you try this baby shower party theme, you will really suggest this theme to your friends also when they will expect a baby.

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Deep Freeze Party Theme

This baby shower party theme is best for parents having second baby because they have everything already. You can ask all guests to bring freezable food for your refrigerator that you may eat after baby’s birth. This theme really makes the environment.

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Diaper Bonanza

Arrange a basket with bottle of wine, crackers, wine glasses, an opener, some blocks of cheese, summer sausages etc to be displayed at baby shower party. Now you will write some words in invitations to align with this game that are “there would be a raffle for a gift basket that anyone would love”. Also write that price for entry for each guest is one small pack of diapers. Any guest can enter as many times as he likes by giving a pack of diapers each time. You will surely not need diapers for many months. One of the guests will win the prize basket. Make sure to design the invitation for your baby shower party like a diaper to match with the theme.

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Books for Baby

This baby shower party theme will work great if you organize a garden baby shower party with a fairy tale theme. Each guest was asked to bring one best books. You will receive story books, board books, classic books, bedtime books and so on this way at the same time enjoy a themed baby shower party. You can start your baby’s library right from his birth.

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